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You Can Have Good Hair in Texas

There are quite a few stereotypes about Texas girls. One of those is that we love big hair! While that stereotype is true try having hair up to the heavens in humid Houston weather.  It is not a feat for amateurs that is for sure! But you can have good hair in Texas! You just need a little help! 

Day after day I curl my hair before going out and about. Unfortunately, the moment I step outside it generally falls into a sad state leaving me left with the feeling that I did all of that work in vain. I have tried product after product to get my curls to stay. Most didn’t hold up to their promises. And then came Kenra into my life! 

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This One is For the Fur Babies

Those of you who follow Channelling Dolly, especially on Instagram, know my obsession with my little man Barkley.  I find no greater joy than that of spoiling the boy with toys, vacations and products for dogs. Recently I had the opportunity to team up with Pet Magasin to learn about their heated dog beds! This one is for all the fur babies out there! 

This One is For the Fur Babies

Not only does Barkley have diabetes, but he is also 13 years old. While he still gets around like a young pup at times his little joints hurt him. He loves warm blankets and I know that must help to ease his joint pain a bit. I have been looking for something to provide warmth for him that was safe for dogs. Thankfully that wish has been granted with the help of Pet Magasin! 

This One is For the Fur Babies Pet Magasin is a small company that specializes in quality and affordable pet products. They pride themselves with creating safe products for pets as well as their owners. 

This One is For the Fur Babies

The Pet Magasin Self-Heated Dog Bed package comes with two mats. They use a layer or mylar,  the same super-insulating material used in spacesuits, to create the self-heating technology that will keep your fur baby cozy!  This technology helps to absorb, hold and reflect your pet’s own body heat and keep them warm.  The underside of the bed is rubberized so that it will stay exactly where you place it and will not be a slipping hazard for you or your pet. The bed is not only warm and made to stay put, but it is very comfy. At first glance, it seems thin, but the velvety cover and padded foam provide a good level of softness. 

Barkley often sits with me while writing blog posts, but I think he quite enjoyed getting to play a bigger role in this one. Especially when it meant getting a new spot to nap! This One is For the Fur Babies The product’s size is perfect for Barkley who weighs in at 14 pounds but would also work for a larger dog as well. The bed is also handy because you can easily move it when your pet wants to rest in another room. The Pet Magasin heated dog bed will surely be taking road trips with us soon so Barkley will have all the comforts of home in hotel rooms as well!This One is For the Fur Babies

All the Details 

For more info on Pet Magasin’s Heated Dog Bed check out Pet Magasin and their site on Amazon. Channelling Dolly readers can also get your pets in on the fun! Visit either of the two links and you will receive 30% off your purchase of a Pet Magasin Heated Dog Bed by using code: 5F2WSQO4

*This post was sponsored by BrandBacker, but all opinions are that of my own. 

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One Year Has Passed….

One year has passed today since Prince left this world. Left behind was the music, the words and the memories. Memories of Purple Rain. Memories of the most talented man to have ever graced a  stage and memories of seeing him in person for the first time. Memories of  the Super Bowl performance in the pouring rain when he still managed to look perfect! Knowing that those memories of our generation’s icon are all that we have now will forever be so saddening. 

For the man who created the soundtrack for my life, Prince, I will forever and always love you. 

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Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately

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Smells So Lovely

Don’t you just love springtime? The air is so fresh and full of beautiful scents.  Everything smells so lovely that it makes you want to be outside even more. Unfortunately most of us have indoor careers that may cause us to leave that invigorating springtime feeling much too often! I have an idea that may just help you out though! 

Smells So Lovely

When spring is just a beautiful thing that you get to experience on the weekends do not fret! If you have the right scent on you can take it indoors with you.  Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Rose Eau De Toilette floral and citrus scents can carry you throughout your work week.  Continue reading Smells So Lovely

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T-Shirts and Sandals and Espadrille’s…Oh My!

 I realize snowstorms are still plaguing many. For some of us in the south, though, the beaches are already calling our names.  If you are still in the region wearing mittens and snow boots the fact that today is the first day of spring may seem like a joke made in poor taste. 

T-Shirts and Sandals and Espadrille's...Oh My! Target

When the warmer weather does arrive there is nothing better than a fun tee to throw on to head outside. Pair the tee with colorful sandals or espadrilles and you are ready for spring. Recently I have been finding so many great spring finds at one of my favorite happy places-Target! T-shirts and sandals and espadrilles…oh my!! 

T-Shirts and Sandals and Espadrille's...Oh My! Target*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Wildflower Graphic Tee, Smokey the Bear Tee. Desert Vibes Tee, Desert Days Tee

While planning a trip to Arizona with some great friends I have been loving the cactus trend and admittedly overloading on it a bit.  However, I did mix it up on my recent trip and also found a Wildflower Tee that would make any hippie happy and a Smokey the Bear tee.  Continue reading T-Shirts and Sandals and Espadrille’s…Oh My!