Trolley Bags

Have you ever wanted to be more mindful of the environment and not use so many plastic bags? Ever walked out of the store with one of those said plastic bags only to have your groceries fall on the ground because the bag ripped? If these are issues you face when going shopping allow me to introduce you to BergHOFF’s Trolley Bags:

Trolley Bags

The Trolley Bag’s patented system of four different sized bags held together by velcro makes them easy to tote around. I received a set to review for the blog and took them on their first shopping trip. 

Trolley Bags

As you can see here the bags roll up and feature a handle to carry the set.  Trolley Bags are very lightweight as well even when carrying all four at the same time.  Continue reading Trolley Bags

A Pop of Color for Your Kitchen

Being in the kitchen is not everyone’s cup of tea. Due to this, I have found something for fans of Dolly. First of all, let’s be honest who isn’t a Dolly fan? Therefore, a pop of color for your kitchen in the form of a Dolly Parton Tea Towel is sure to brighten your space! 

A Pop of Color for your kitchen

This bright pink tea towel is available from Katy Blades shop on Etsy. Screen printed in the United Kingdom, however, this item is available to ship worldwide. Katy Blades also recommends that if you would rather, the towel looks great in a frame! 


Haunted San Antonio

*Years ago I originally wrote the post below as part of my past blog Joy DeVivre Design. In the spirit of the season, I thought it fun to include Haunted San Antonio here for a new audience to discover! 

San Antonio, TX is one of those towns that never forgets it’s past. The new buildings and skyscrapers exist. However, in the midst of the new are the historical sites that have made the city what it is. Second in population only to Houston in the state of Texas, San Antonio has emerged as a popular place to vacation as well as to live. The people who live and visit here have a great respect for the history of this city. Long gone days include when native Indians were educated in the missions, when Texas was fighting for its Independence and especially when they were defeated at the Alamo.

It would be impossible to think that a city with such history, a city that does not tear down its architecture of days gone by, a city with such respect for its past would not have a few of its residents that want to stay around even after they have physically past. In fact, it would really be impossible to think that when so many see the paranormal on a regular basis.

Haunted San Antonio
Photo courtesy of Pedro Szekely via flickr

The Alamo is probably the most well known of the San Antonio historical sites. It sits in what is now the downtown area. Steps away from the famous landmark is another huge tourist draw, the Riverwalk. Lined with shops, hotels and any type of food establishment you could want, the Riverwalk winds through the downtown area and is the route you can take to most of the places we will discuss here. San Antonio has many areas said to be haunted, but we will be focusing on the downtown/Riverwalk area for the majority of these tales.

The Alamo

Continue reading Haunted San Antonio

Enter to Win

You may remember GreetingsNorth as one of the Etsy shops spotlighted here on Channelling Dolly.  Owner of the shop, Victoria, was generous enough to share some of her beautifully inpsired Dolly crafts with the Channelling Dolly readers for our very first contest!

Contest by Rewards Fuel.

How to Channel Dolly Parton This Halloween

Dolly Parton costume, Dolly Halloween Costume

Choosing a Halloween costume each year is not something that I take lightly. It requires much thought to capture the essence of the character you wish to portray. A few years ago my subject was the one and only Dolly Parton. I must say this was my favorite costume ever! Should you chose to be Dolly for Halloween, allow me to fill you in on the must have’s to pull off your look.  Continue reading How to Channel Dolly Parton This Halloween

Accessorize With Dolly

While looking through Etsy shops to find one for this week’s Yes Please! feature, this one immediately caught my eye! Not only does this piece match Channelling Dolly’s logo, but you can also accessorize with Dolly! 

Accessorize with Dolly with the Dolly Parton Cabochon Necklace

This lovely Dolly inspired necklace is brought to us by Sofie Johnson of Cat Fight Back via Etsy. The reason behind this creation according to Sofie is that Dolly is an awesome (music) feminist icon! 

The Dolly Parton Cabochon Necklace is available to ship worldwide from Sweden. The bronze chain and pendant are handmade. Custom orders are also welcome! 

Contact Sofie at Cat Fight Back for more info!