Dolly, You Are Radiant

Anyone who is a fan of Dolly Parton knows that she is beautiful and talented. Let’s face it, Dolly, you are radiant! But did you know that with the help of Kitsch Culture Dolly can literally light your way with her radiant beauty? Well, she can! 

Kitsch Culture‘s owner Devon Poole has developed a process of casting image transparencies into epoxy resin to create POP Lites:

Dolly, You Are Radiant

The process of creating POP Lites results in a stunning image behind a glass like surface. These decorative night lights look beautiful lit, yet still do not lose their luster when turned off.

Dolly, You Are Radiant

All of the Details:

While POP Lites are created in Toronto, Canada they are available to ship worldwide! Should you prefer a different pop culture icon in addition to Dolly reach out to Devon via the Kitsch Culture link. Notice I say in addition to Dolly as why would you prefer another icon instead!  😉 I digress, reach out to Devon as he is open to creating custom pieces! The shop also features POP Lites from some of my other personal favorites growing up: Jem and the Holograms, Wonder Woman and rest his beautiful soul Prince.

Check out Kitsch Culture as I am sure you will find some of your other personal favorites as well! 

4th of July Party Planning

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You Can Have Good Hair in Texas

There are quite a few stereotypes about Texas girls. One of those is that we love big hair! While that stereotype is true try having hair up to the heavens in humid Houston weather.  It is not a feat for amateurs that is for sure! But you can have good hair in Texas! You just need a little help! 

Day after day I curl my hair before going out and about. Unfortunately, the moment I step outside it generally falls into a sad state leaving me left with the feeling that I did all of that work in vain. I have tried product after product to get my curls to stay. Most didn’t hold up to their promises. And then came Kenra into my life! 

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Dolly is Such a Character

Caricatures are such a fun piece of artwork.  Above all the subject of the drawing always has their features completely exaggerated and become a character of themselves. Little quirks or larger features become magnified, but most of all they are a whimsical cartoon version of a person.  This week our Yes Please! item is an exaggeration on our lovely queen. Dolly is such a character already that there is no doubt a play on her features would be over the top!  Behold the Dolly Parton Celebrity Caricature from Don Howard Studios! 

Dolly is Such a Character
All the Details

The Dolly Parton Celebrity Caricature is limited to only 5000 copies! Each print arrives with a numbered certificate of authenticity. The one featured here is printed on 8X10 inch cardstock, however, larger versions can be purchased on Don Howard’s full site here. This item is made in the United States, but can be shipped worldwide! For more info or to order a Dolly Caricature of your own check out Don Howard Studios on Etsy here

This One is For the Fur Babies

Those of you who follow Channelling Dolly, especially on Instagram, know my obsession with my little man Barkley.  I find no greater joy than that of spoiling the boy with toys, vacations, and products for dogs. Recently I had the opportunity to team up with Pet Magasin to learn about their heated dog beds! This one is for all the fur babies out there! 

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When You Just Can’t Choose Just One Dolly Parton Item

When Channelling Dolly first started last summer I wanted to start the Yes Please! feature as a way to bring Dolly inspired items to my readers. At that time I reached out to Kayci Wheatley and she was gracious enough to be the first feature with her Dolly umbrella! Back then Kayci was selling her groovy things on Etsy. However, she has now branched out to her very own website and you guys it is so good! I tried to pick just one item to show you today, but this is what happens when you can’t choose just one Dolly Parton item! 

Dolly Parton, When You Can't Choose Just One

Dolly Pillow Case

When You Can't Choose Just One Dolly Parton Item

Dolly Parton Leggings

When You Can't Choose Just One Dolly Parton Item

Makeup Bag

When You Can't Choose Just One Dolly Parton Item

Baby BodysuitWhen You Can't Choose Just One Dolly Parton Item

Shower Curtain

When You Can't Choose Just One Dolly Parton Item

Pleated Skirt


When You Can't Choose Just One Dolly Parton Item

Dolly Tee

Kayci’s items have been featured in top publications such as the New York Times, Essence, Cosmopolitan and many more. Now though she is right here for all of you who will truly appreciate all the Dolly she is bringing here on Channelling Dolly! Plus it is fitting these darling items come to us from my favorite Texas city, Austin. I love supporting my fellow Texans! 

Whether you need Dolly items for yourself, your little ones, your home or for gifts Kayci’s shop is sure to deliver. Also, note there are finds featuring other celebs such as Prince and David Bowie and others. For more info check out Kayci