Dolly the Muse

Aside from the talent that Dolly Parton possesses she also has an undeniable beauty. It is no wonder that when Talula Christian set out to create a sketch that she used Dolly as her Muse. The spark for this piece came from Talula’s desire to see Dolly in concert, something also on my bucket list! I must say that Talula did a perfect job of recreating Dolly’s beauty on paper. 

Dolly the Muse

All the details:

Avaiable via Talula Christian’s shop on Etsy, this item is made in the USA, but can be shipped worldwide. The Dolly Parton Portrait Sketch is an 8X10 print.  This print in printed on 80lb Pastel paper, which looks just like the original sketch. 

Be Our Guest

be our guest
First of all, I challenge you to say Be Our Guest twice and not immediately go into the full show tune from Beauty and the Beast.  How many of you out there are excited about the new version of the classic movie coming out March 17th? To say I am ecstatic is an understatement, though secretly I am praying that they do justice to my favorite animated film! If you need your fix of Belle and the Beast until the spring though you can get it by visiting Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom!  Continue reading Be Our Guest

There is No Such Thing as Natural Beauty

There is no such thing as natural beauty” you may remember, is a quote from Dolly Parton in the hit movie Steel Magnolias. This quote could not be closer to my heart, and wallet for that matter. Or lack of money in my wallet after many monthly trips for hair products, eyeliner, concealer, etc. Thanks to Renewed Chattanooga via Etsy this sign and sentiment can now be yours! How adorable would it be in a powder room to remind yourself that you are not alone in your quest for beauty! 

There is no such thing as natural beauty

The Steel Magnolias Dolly Parton Quote Hand Painted Wooden Sign is available in a 24″ X 34″ rustic piece. It is crafted with a medium stain with a gray wash. This sign is available for shipping in the United States. 

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