Greetings Doll!

Ever stand in the greeting card section of your local store desperately trying to to find the perfect card? Not easy is it? If you are like me I usually just end up settling for an ok one just to get out of the store! For this exact reason, the greeting card company featured today was created! 

After having a hard time finding unique card options Angel was inspired to create something different. From this, Ex-Girlfriends Rebellion Cards was born. Angel was on a quest to make fun greeting cards that are less throw away after you read them and more keep on your fridge for a good laugh! The cards on this fun Etsy shop are inspired by pop culture celebs like Oprah and Justin Bieber among many others. No doubt here on Channelling Dolly the Happy Birthday Doll card would be our favorite! 

Greetings Doll! Continue reading Greetings Doll!

One Year Has Passed….

One year has passed today since Prince left this world. Left behind was the music, the words and the memories. Memories of Purple Rain. Memories of the most talented man to have ever graced a  stage and memories of seeing him in person for the first time. Memories of  the Super Bowl performance in the pouring rain when he still managed to look perfect! Knowing that those memories of our generation’s icon are all that we have now will forever be so saddening. 

For the man who created the soundtrack for my life, Prince, I will forever and always love you. 

Smells So Lovely

Don’t you just love springtime? The air is so fresh and full of beautiful scents.  Everything smells so lovely that it makes you want to be outside even more. Unfortunately most of us have indoor careers that may cause us to leave that invigorating springtime feeling much too often! I have an idea that may just help you out though! 

Smells So Lovely

When spring is just a beautiful thing that you get to experience on the weekends do not fret! If you have the right scent on you can take it indoors with you.  Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Rose Eau De Toilette floral and citrus scents can carry you throughout your work week.  Continue reading Smells So Lovely

Flawless Dolly

Few things are as magical as a beautiful unicorn. However here at Channelling Dolly there should be no argument that our Dolly’s magic can surpass even that of a mythical creature. But put Dolly atop a unicorn and what you have is simply flawless!  

Up Late Can’t Sleep has created this beautiful art! Neon sign, exposed brick wall, unicorn AND Dolly! So many things that I adore all in one piece…and I know you all will love this as well! 

All the Details

Made using the giclee process this print will keep its vivid color for years to come. It is handmade and ready to ship worldwide from Canada.  The Dolly Parton on a Unicorn print is available in sizes 8.5×11 inches or 11X14 inches.  For more info check out Up Late Can’t Sleep via Etsy here

Adorn Your Walls with Dolly

This week our Yes Please! item comes to us from Tulsa, Oklahoma! Looking for a unique piece of art to brighten to up a bland wall space? Look no further than this vivid pop art painting that will allow you to adorn your walls with Dolly!

Thanks to Rocky Stock via Etsy it is easy to find the size and color combination to fit your space. The Pop Art Painting of Dolly is available in sizes ranging from 12X12 to 30×30 and several options in between! Color combinations include white/black, aqua/black and fuschia/black though custom orders are welcome! Should you wish to do so you can even request a different picture of Dolly to be used!

Adorn Your Walls With Dolly

All the Details

The Pop Art Painting of Dolly is handpainted on MDF wood so there may be a slight variation from the photo listed. The item arrives unframed and is available only for shipment within the United States. 

For more information please check out Rocky Stock!