How to Channel Dolly Parton This Halloween

Dolly Parton costume, Dolly Halloween Costume

Choosing a Halloween costume each year is not something that I take lightly. It requires much thought to capture the essence of the character you wish to portray. A few years ago my subject was the one and only Dolly Parton. I must say this was my favorite costume ever! Should you chose to be Dolly for Halloween, allow me to fill you in on the must have’s to pull off your look. 

How to be dolly parton for halloween

  1. First, you must  have big, and I do mean BIG, blonde hair. My hair is blonde, but even this Texas girl couldn’t get my real hair big enough for Dolly. I decided instead on purchasing a wig. This one is similar to the style I had and can be found at Amazon.
  2. I could no longer find my original Express tank top, but anything with sequins would do fine, such as this one.
  3. My costume consisted of a blue jean jacket similar to this one from Old Navy. Just make sure to have one with extra space as you will need to stuff it Dolly style! 
  4. I purchased my belt at Sam Moon. There are so many options of rhinestone belts there
  5. The skirt I originally wore I picked up at Old Navy on sale for $12. This one has a similar look though from Amazon
  6.  I couldn’t find the exact boots that I had originally purchased. Really any cowboy boots would work if you happen to already have a pair. With Dolly though it is always good to be a little extra sparkly! These are by Miranda Lambert

The great part about this type of costume is that you likely have many items at home that can be paired together to get the same look. The one must have is, of course, Dolly’s top! To achieve this I used:
Dolly Parton Halloween Costume And I used lots of it.  Just a warning, this gets a little itchy after a few hours. Due to this, I combatted the itchiness by wearing a tube top style top underneath and put the Poly-fil between that and my sequin top so that it wouldn’t touch my skin as much.

Also, if you have access to a guitar that makes a great accessory as well. You can also throw on random pieces of jewelry for more shine.  Most importantly remember to smile as big as Dolly! 

Dolly Parton Halloween costume

I hope you enjoyed this how to! Should you decide to dress like Dolly please share your pics!! 

46 thoughts on “How to Channel Dolly Parton This Halloween”

  1. I LOVE Halloween and I totally agree about taking it seriously and getting into character. You only get to be somebody else once a year, you gotta make it count! Cute and simple idea!

  2. I love this, Dolly Parton is a legend and her attitude towards the way she dresses is amazing! She once said something like, “it costs a lot of money to look this cheap” and this made me love her even more, I would definitely channel her at Halloween!

    1. Charlotte, I completely agree. The fact that she is so unapologetic about her look makes her so loveable. She is truly a gem!

      1. Thank you so much Amanda! It can be so difficult to think of a costume every year. Some years I just end up buying something, but others I like to put them together from scratch.

    1. Roxanne thank you! I love her so as well. She is such a great role model for her long lasting career, humility, and personality.

    1. Thank you Rebecca! I usually do something Disney themed, but I had wanted to do the Dolly costume for years before I actually decided to go with it.

  3. I love this! I’ve always had a love for Dolly Parton and this would be the perfect costume! I wonder if I could convince my husband to join up with me and do a fun costume!

    1. Wouldn’t it be cute if he would! I love couples costume, but it is very hard to get the hubby to agree to some of my ideas! LOL! Though he was Prince Eric to my Ariel so I can’t complain too much! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  4. This is so cute. I am a huuuuuge dolly fan so I LVOE this. Plus, it can be pulled together using items you most likely have laying around the house (I have the sparkly boots and tank top already…whoopps!)

    1. Thank you Taylor! I already had the same things when I put mine together! LOL! You can tell those of us who are Dolly fans,because we don’t have to go out and purchase too much sparkle! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! It was so funny with that wig because it was so huge when I first saw it, but it totally worked for Dolly because she is so over the top!

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