Trolley Bags

Have you ever wanted to be more mindful of the environment and not use so many plastic bags? Ever walked out of the store with one of those said plastic bags only to have your groceries fall on the ground because the bag ripped? If these are issues you face when going shopping allow me to introduce you to BergHOFF’s Trolley Bags:

Trolley Bags

The Trolley Bag’s patented system of four different sized bags held together by velcro makes them easy to tote around. I received a set to review for the blog and took them on their first shopping trip. 

Trolley Bags

As you can see here the bags roll up and feature a handle to carry the set.  Trolley Bags are very lightweight as well even when carrying all four at the same time. 

Trolley bags

Once inside the store, it is very simple to attach the bags to your grocery cart. The velcro strip at the top of the bag reaches right around the handle.

Channelling Dolly

Once you are at the checkout, place all of your items on the conveyor and prep your basket with the Trolley Bags. Due to the velcro system, this step is super easy.  The bags pull into place using the bag’s handles and the sides of the cart. You can then organize your bags to suit your needs, such as veggies, fruits, etc. 

Trolley Bags

Loading your purchases into your car is just as simple as sacking your groceries with Trolley Bags. Just disconnect them from each other and you are ready to go. The bags are so sturdy that I carried everything I needed for hosting a fun night in with friends. 

Once you arrive home and unload your groceries the Trolley Bags are simple to roll back up for your next trip. Each bag has a number on the front to identify the order in which they go back together.

For more info on Trolley Bags check out their website here:

BergHOFF’s Trolley Bags. 

*This post was sponsored by Trolley Bags. The bags as stated were provided for review, but all opinions in this post are solely my own. 

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    1. They are really nice! I had never seen them before they contacted me, but so glad I learned about them! I think your mom would really like them.

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