You Can Have Your Cute Shoes and Make Them Wearable Too!

The holiday season brings so much joy, but it can also bring pain! All of my ladies out there, listen to this scenario! You’ve been invited to a holiday party and have the perfect outfit with gorgeous heels! The problem you are faced with, however, is those gorgeous shoes are only comfortable for the first five minutes. Just long enough to get you from the parking lot to your seat at the party. Forget about getting up and mingling as your toes will be tingling! Well, thanks to Sole Patches now you can have your cute shoes and make them wearable too! 

Sole Patches, You Can Have Your Cute Shoes and Make Them Wearable Too!

Sole Patches offer several options on how to wear them to maximize comfort. They can be applied to the ball of your foot, the heel or even adhered directly to the shoe. Made with medical-grade adhesive, Sole Patches can withstand 24 hours of wear. So if the day takes you from the office to a party after and a change of shoes is in your future, your best bet may be to wear them directly on your foot for an easy wardrobe change! 
Sole Patches, You Can Have Your Cute Shoes and Make Them Wearable Too!

Since I plan on wearing these shoes more than once this season Sole Patches were applied directly to the shoes. The adhesive keeps the patches in place, but they are also easy to peel and restick should they need to be realigned. I love the size of the patch as it covers the ball of the foot very well providing comfort. The thickness is perfect too as they provide a cushion, but do not change the fit of your shoe! At $9.95 for a set of 6 pads the price point is also very good!

Sole Patches, You Can Have Your Cute Shoes and Make Them Wearable Too!

See me smiling? That is because I am no longer in pain from the shoes that I adore, but that formerly hated me! Now thanks to Sole Patches I can kick up my heels and enjoy all that the holiday parties have to offer! 

*This post was sponsored by Brand Backer though all opinions are my own.

45 thoughts on “You Can Have Your Cute Shoes and Make Them Wearable Too!”

    1. You are very welcome Angela! I wore them in a pair of boots all day at work today and they were perfect for those too! I’m loving that I can make all my shoes more comfy!

  1. Oh I need to pick these up! I have many a pair of shoes that need them LOL! I love the shoes you have on!

  2. Anything to help me wear my cute shoes without being in pain is a win in my book! I totally am going to try these out and keep my fingers (and toes) crossed that they do the trick!

  3. This is such a good idea! I have a few ADORABLE pairs of heels but I hardly ever wear them. By the end of the night my feet are miserable! I ‘d love to try this!

    1. Thank you so much Breyona! I do that when I go to concerts. I take those little fold up flats and wear them when just standing there! The things we do for fashion! Haha!

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