Tips to Walk into 2017 a Happier Person

Tips to Walk into 2017 a Happier Person

We all make those resolutions every year. You know the ones, like eating healthier. Well, that resolution is sure to end at least by Valentine’s Day when you have to eat the entire box of candy to get to the ones you want. Or another popular resolution…get organized. You write down your resolution on a note so you don’t forget. Months later you find “Get Organized” on a post it underneath the other pile of clutter on your desk. Instead of promising ourselves things we will never follow through with, let’s take on some tips to walk into 2017 a happier person! 

Tips to Walk into 2017 a Happier Person

Perhaps you are not working at your dream job. Maybe your childhood dreams of becoming an award-winning actress have been replaced by the reality of working in middle management. No worries! Get creative! Your job is what you do to pay your bills, but it doesn’t have to be who you are! You get to decide that! Check out your local craft stores. Often times they offer classes for everything from cake baking to jewelry making for a very minimum fee. If you want to try your hand in theater, seek out a local one. Listen to live music. Go to an art museum. Just get inspired! Where your creative passion lies you will find your happiness. 

Tips to Walk into 2017 a Happier Person

Get out those virtual scissors and start cleaning up your circle. Cut out. Snip snip…adios faux amigos. Just because you are in a relationship does not mean you have to stay if it is a toxic one. First of all, you will never be happy in a state of constant negativity. So in 2017 I encourage you to be a user in your relationships! 

When we hear the word user it generally has an instant negative connotation, but stay with me here. I’m not condoning borrowing your best friend’s clothes and never bringing them back. Use their kindness to become kinder. Use their creativity to spark yours. Use their wisdom to work through your problems. Surround yourself with people that you want to be. Not in a weird single white female way, but in the sense that you admire them for their qualities. Consequently, they will, in turn, be able to use you to better themselves as well. 

When you look at friendships in this manner you will instantly see who your true crew are. Those that you feed off of are your people and those that exhaust you may need the ole scissors. If you no longer can find qualities to admire, cut them free. 

Tips to Walk into 2017 a Happier PersonAlways listen to your gut! Well maybe don’t to it EVERY time it says it wants a cupcake. Especially if your pants are like “Girl we can’t stretch any further to accommodate you”, but when it comes to your intuition ALWAYS listen! This tip will help you walk into 2017 happier because it can save you a world of frustration. 

We have all had that gut instinct before that we didn’t listen to. Just like with cutting out the bad in our lives, we feel insecure being the one to stand up and say that something just isn’t right. Unfortunately, though, that insecurity can lead you down a very dark road. A road that could include abuse, being lied to, cheated on, taken advantage of financially or finding out that someone you trusted never had your best interest in mind. So many good people fall prey to these types of situations only to say later that they knew something was wrong. Don’t feel bad about having your best interests in mind! 

Tips to Walk into 2017 a Happier Person

After turning 26 for the 15th time I had an epiphany. Materialistic things ultimately do not make you happy. Purses with a high-end brand name on them do not teach you or change you and help you understand about different cultures..but adventures do. Education does not only come from a book, but it comes through experiences. So in 2017 I encourage you to choose adventure. Whether that be a trip to a remote destination continents away from where you call home or a place a car ride away, get away from your norm and you may just find yourself! And while admittedly I do still love a cute outfit, I find that I would rather spend less on that and save more for travel. 
Tips to Walk into 2017 a Happier Person

If you are going to walk into 2017 happier, you also want to be walking into that sucker with your head held high! Do not roll over and do not play dead! Your name is not Fido! Stand your ground and stand up for yourself. If you are going through things in your life that have you feeling like a victim, leave that in 2016! There are people out there who want to take your pride and dignity because they feel small about themselves. Don’t allow this! Be strong, speak your piece and walk away with your head held high. Full disclosure, this is the goal that I am going to personally be working on the most! 

How are you planning on being happier in 2017? 

60 thoughts on “Tips to Walk into 2017 a Happier Person”

  1. I love these tips, especially the choose adventure one. 2016 was full of adventures for me, and I’d love to continue that for another year.

  2. I love the ideas you have put forth in this post! I am also at a point in my life where I am not going to settle for a life where I am just going through the motions and existing, I’m going to make sure that I am a happier person in 2017.

  3. All about the happy vibes for 2017. Had an epiphany myself recently, and it all had to do with myself being happy – and not taking on other peoples jobs/responsibilities. Its made a world of difference already. Cheers girl!

    1. Hey glammy!! Cheers to a happy 2017!! It is so true that when we take on the roles of others it can be so draining. I made a promise to myself in the middle of December that I will no longer be a scapegoat for other’s bad decisions and will start standing up for myself.

  4. Choose adventure – I love that one! I am giving myself grace this year to take a step back. Last year I worked so hard, it was insane, and while it gave me great results in my blog, my family definitely suffered for it.

    1. Heather here is to a 2017 where you find balance between work and adventure!! And look at it this way, when you step back to have adventures it will give you new things to write about on your blog!

  5. Becoming a happier person has totally been my goal for the last two years and it has been such an amazing journey. Removing others expectations has made such a massive difference in my life. Choose adventure is my focus for this year!

    1. I like that plan of removing others expectations. That can weigh so much on a person! Here’s to many amazing adventures in 2017!!

  6. I love this! This speaks to me on so many levels. I gave up resolutions for intentions in 2016 and even though the year had some big hits still it was amazing. Come the holidays, my love of 4yrs left me because he was in love with another woman – wham – okay, no worries because he wasn’t giving me what I really needed in a relationship anyways. Yeah it hurt but I learned that I wasn’t lonely without him and that I am so much more focused on things that do make me happy instead of worrying about keeping him happy. I loved your post, so many of the right things to focus on and then everything else will fall into place! Happy New Year, here’s to an amazing, happiness filled 2017!

    1. Happy New Year Laura!!! Here is to a happy 2017! It sounds like last year threw you some punches but yay to getting yourself on track and you seem to have a very positive outlook now! And you have a new start to finding great things!!

  7. I love this idea of just trying to be happy rather than making resolutions, I tend to set goals all year round for things rather than at the new year as I am more likely to keep them, I think I will definitely strive to be happier this year though!

  8. OH I love the virtual scissors! Such a great thought. I feel like 2016 made a lot of people very unhappy! Time to regain control of our happiness!

    1. Reesa thank you! I agree that a lot of people were unhappy with 2016. At times we forget that we can control who we let into our personal space and give others too much power. 2017-a time to regain our power!

  9. I did a lot of snipping toxic people at the end of 2016. I wanted to go into the new year free from drama and stress over people that didn’t really care about me!

    1. Kecia isn’t it so freeing when we do that!? It is sad at times to have to be the one to let go, but some people are only there to create drama.

  10. These are great tips! It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and not focus on what to do to make life happier. I love the virtual scissors, cut the negativity out of your life, it’s seriously the best thing ever!

    1. Jennifer happy new year!!! That is the tip that I am working on the most! Here is to a 2017 where we stand our ground!

  11. This year I am focusing on myself and my kids. It’s important that I get back on track and to just make sure to leave some room for some fun in my life! I’m going to make this year colorful and happier!

  12. I’ve never really been into big brand names that much. It didn’t used to be by choice, but rather just lacking the finances for them. But now I really love being able to find something off-brand that is less expensive but still looks great!

  13. I love this! I definitely agree with choosing adventure. I feel like I play it safe too often and I’d love to actually have some adventures with my family.

  14. What a fantastic post! I love this. We can choose to be happier this year! I’m definitely going to choose adventure and cut out the toxic things in my life, whether people or activities.

  15. Wow, love the inspiring and mindful tips to a fresh start this new year. Being a happier person is a holistic approach to an awesome year – can’t agree more!

  16. Happy New Year to you! I love your “virtual scissors” idea… it applies to so many things. There are a LOT of things I want to cut out of my life!

    1. Happy New Year Caitlin! I bet if you start cutting those things out you will be so happy! It makes such a difference.

    1. Amanda I understand that! It is so hard to be happy when you are not feeling well, but I am glad to hear you are on the road to recovery! I wish you a healthy, happy new year!!

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