Jolene With a Twist

Full disclosure here….I have loved Dolly since as long as I can remember. Her sweet voice provided the soundtrack to my childhood as I hummed along with all of her songs.  As I got older though one song that I used to hum along to took on a different meaning. That song was ” Jolene”. 

While “Jolene” is a very catchy song and Dolly’s voice draws you in and breaks your heart at the same time, the story behind it really gets me! Why was my heroine begging some woman not to take her man?  What fool would leave the gorgeous and talented Dolly? And why would my Dolly, my role model want to be with a man that was obviously an idiot if he contemplated leaving her? So very many questions!! 

As I was searching for this week’s Yes Please! feature I ran across this item from Word Play Design UK via Etsy and had a hallelujah moment! Yes, Jolene, just bloody take him!  My sentiment exactly! How is that for Jolene with a twist!? 

Jolene with a twist, Jolene, Dolly Parton

All the Details:

The Lyric Print inspired by the famous Dolly Parton song “Jolene” would make a perfect gift for a friend going through a breakup or as an anti-Valentine gift! It is a professionally produced giclee print to ensure your print lasts a lifetime, much longer than a relationship with a fool would last! This item is available to ship worldwide from the UK and arrives unframed. 

For more info check out Word Play Design UK

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