Flawless Dolly

Few things are as magical as a beautiful unicorn. However here at Channelling Dolly there should be no argument that our Dolly’s magic can surpass even that of a mythical creature. But put Dolly atop a unicorn and what you have is simply flawless!  

Up Late Can’t Sleep has created this beautiful art! Neon sign, exposed brick wall, unicorn AND Dolly! So many things that I adore all in one piece…and I know you all will love this as well! 

All the Details

Made using the giclee process this print will keep its vivid color for years to come. It is handmade and ready to ship worldwide from Canada.  The Dolly Parton on a Unicorn print is available in sizes 8.5×11 inches or 11X14 inches.  For more info check out Up Late Can’t Sleep via Etsy here

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