When scouring the internet for items for the weekly Yes Please! feature I look for shops that speak my language. Of course, here on Channelling Dolly there needs to be a Dolly item, but also something else to catch my eye. This week’s shop Atomicrocketpoplab got my attention by transporting me back to my youth. 

Shop owner Rocket Hulsey has created a set of six Dolly Parton magnets showing off our favorite lady in different looks. Not only does Atomicrocketpoplab have Dolly though! Rocket mixes in his love of classic pop culture in a way that by looking at the shop online you feel as if you have walked into a cool vintage record store! Think notebooks with the likes of Cyndi Lauper and Motley Crue. Pins with different artists including the one who my heart still mourns for, Prince. It is like a fantastic blast from the past this shop! 


All the Details 

The custom Dolly 1.5 inch square fridge magnets can be found by clicking here! They are made in the United States and are available to ship worldwide! Not only are these beauties perfect for the fridge, but wouldn’t Dolly look great in a cube helping you smile at your 9 to 5. Or more up to today’s standards your 7 to 6! Either way, head over to Atomicrocketpoplab and give the shop a hello from Channelling Dolly! 

38 thoughts on “Atomicrocketpoplab”

    1. Thank YOU for being a part of Channelling Dolly! I appreciate you letting me write about your Dolly magnets!!

  1. Those magnets are super cool! my dad has always been a big Dolly Parton fan, so I bet he would love these.

  2. You are so cute with all of your Dolly items! And yes, these would be darling to own so she can watch me on the 9 to 5! Love fun things like these retro magnets!

  3. My friend is a huge fan of Dolly Parton and I’m sure she will like these magnets! Those are so cute!

  4. These are so cool! I love Dolly Parton, and love the different pictures of her throughout the years. Great addition to my fridge!

  5. It is a fun thing to collect these lovely magnets. This is a no boring set of collection. And I could add up more, all about the memories of my childhood.

  6. That’s some really nice magnets especially if you’re a huge fan of music. I love that they have more magnets to choose from aside from Dolly, I love her though!

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