Dolly is Such a Character

Caricatures are such a fun piece of artwork.  Above all the subject of the drawing always has their features completely exaggerated and become a character of themselves. Little quirks or larger features become magnified, but most of all they are a whimsical cartoon version of a person.  This week our Yes Please! item is an exaggeration on our lovely queen. Dolly is such a character already that there is no doubt a play on her features would be over the top!  Behold the Dolly Parton Celebrity Caricature from Don Howard Studios! 

Dolly is Such a Character
All the Details

The Dolly Parton Celebrity Caricature is limited to only 5000 copies! Each print arrives with a numbered certificate of authenticity. The one featured here is printed on 8X10 inch cardstock, however, larger versions can be purchased on Don Howard’s full site here. This item is made in the United States, but can be shipped worldwide! For more info or to order a Dolly Caricature of your own check out Don Howard Studios on Etsy here

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