You Can Have Good Hair in Texas

There are quite a few stereotypes about Texas girls. One of those is that we love big hair! While that stereotype is true try having hair up to the heavens in humid Houston weather.  It is not a feat for amateurs that is for sure! But you can have good hair in Texas! You just need a little help! 

Day after day I curl my hair before going out and about. Unfortunately, the moment I step outside it generally falls into a sad state leaving me left with the feeling that I did all of that work in vain. I have tried product after product to get my curls to stay. Most didn’t hold up to their promises. And then came Kenra into my life! 

You Can Have Good Hair in Texas

The new Kenra Grip Collection stands up to the Houston humidity because the products don’t weigh your hair down. They provide all day hold and definition while still feeling very light.

The Air Grip Spray 5 is perfect for creating curls and beautiful summer do’s that won’t turn into don’t the second the atmosphere hits you! 

The Whip Grip Mousse 9 is an airy, whipped formula. It advertises to provide three times more volume. I have been using this product daily for a week and I must say that it does what Kenra promises. After putting this in my hair and then curling it my curls have withstood a ten hour work day and a walk around the neighborhood! 

You Can Have Good Hair in Texas

The High Grip Spray 20 provides superior definition with 24-hour hold. All that said you do not end up with the dreadful helmet head looking like a 1980’s drill team dancer. No offense to anyone with fond memories of 1980’s drill team dancing! 😉 You do however end up with gorgeous styles that last throughout your work day or event! 

You Can Have Good Hair in Texas

As you can see I am quite happy to have found products to keep my hair looking good until this humidity goes away. If you live in Texas you will know that means one glorious day in November when the atmosphere gives us the gift of no humidity. Thankfully now though the other 364 days a year Kenra will get me through!  You Can Have Good Hair in Texas

For more information, so you can be equally obsessed check out Kenra    

Kenra products are also available at Ulta now as well!! Happy shopping! 


*This post is sponsored by Brandbacker but all opinions are my own! 

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