8 Must-See NYC Spaces

8 Must-See NYC Spaces

To say that New York City is full of things to see, do and eat is an understatement! When visiting it can be very difficult to narrow down the list of things to do. Not to worry! For this reason, I have compiled for you 8 must-see NYC spaces! 

Chelsea Market 

8 Must-See NYC Spaces

Chelsea Market is like a neighborhood market…if your neighborhood is fantastic! Located in the Meatpacking District inside of the former National Biscuit Company’s building, this area has long been synonymous with providing food and that has not changed! Come for the food-cheesecake, bread, soup, pasta and other yummy goodness galore, but stay for the shopping as well! Not only does Chelsea Market house a store that is a beacon to many ladies, Anthropologie, but also not to be missed is Artists & Fleas. I will not shame you should you end up in Time’s Square purchasing an I Heart NYC shirt from a street vendor. However, should you wish for something more unique then artists & fleas will deliver. Imagine Etsy.com being a location that one could actually visit. Art, jewelry, vintage fashion all can be found! 

Bryant Park

Before visiting New York City for the first time one may only be familiar with Central Park. However, upon arriving in Manhattan visitors should quickly acquaint themselves with Bryant Park.  This space is a hub for locals and tourists seeking outdoor fun featuring a giant lawn and beautiful gardens. Whether one wishes to get fit, play board games, ride a carousel, dine, shop or enjoy movie nights, all can be done at this lovely park. 

There are a plethora of activities at Bryant Park, but the location also sets it apart from others. Located on 42nd Street and just blocks from Times Square this centralized location is a dream for fans of architecture. On one side of the park guests can visit the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue. The beautiful library is a Beaux-Arts design masterpiece with two marble lions, Patience and Fortitude, (yes they are so popular that they have names), standing guard. Movie fans will also recognize the library from appearances in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Ghostbusters and as the spot that Mr. Big stood up Carrie in Sex and the City: The Movie

Another architectural wonder flanking the park is the Bryant Park Hotel. Built as the American Radiator Building in 1924 it was converted into a hotel in 2001. The black and gold Gothic exterior really makes this building a must see location. Also of note, the American Radiator Building stood as the subject matter for Georgia O’ Keefe’s well-known painting “Radiator Building-Night, New York”

Balloon Flower (Red)

8 Must-See NYC Spaces

Art is meant to evoke thought and emotion from those that view it. And in the case of Balloon Flower (Red) by Jeff Koons, it is also meant as a tribute. This vivid sculpture stands in a small park at the World Trade Center and serves as a tribute to the 9/11 survivors. 

The Oculus 

8 Must-See NYC Spaces

The first time I visited NYC was a few years after the September 11th attacks. The area surrounding the World Trade Center was still very much in disarray. Fast forward to recent years and this space is a testament to the hardworking people of New York. It is a beautiful thing to see the hustle and bustle in an area that could have easily been broken. But not in this city. Not for long. The latest addition the Oculus was designed to resemble a dove taking flight. This space serves as a transportation hub as well as a shopping destination. 

NoMo Kitchen 

8 Must-See NYC Spaces

8 Must-See NYC Spaces

This NYC must see space is one that I almost missed myself. One afternoon while walking down Crosby Street I happened upon the most lovely space with an ivy-lined arch walkway and outdoor space of wrought iron. Not having time to stop at the moment I took note of the address to see what this beautiful area was all about.  Once I had a chance to research to my surprise not only was this space the location of my favorite scene from the movie The Other Woman, but my online search resulted in answers via my friend Lindsay’s post on I Am Not A Stalker.com. Small world indeed! (Check out the link to see the space as it was used in the movie! Not to mention many other fun movie locations in NYC that Lindsay has discovered). 

NoMo Kitchen is located inside the NoMo SoHo hotel, though one need not be a guest to dine there. The menu features Rustic American cuisine with Mediterranean influences. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served underneath a glass canopy and hanging crystal chandeliers. The entire space is the type of place that makes you feel better just walking into. 

8 Must-See NYC Spaces

There is a new craze in New York City and it is so delicious it lands on the must-see spaces list! The fine folks over at  DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections  have figured out a way to make cookie dough safe to eat! And if that wasn’t good enough, and trust me it is GOOD, the dough can also be mixed in with ice cream or taken home and cooked. Gluten-free, vegan and grain-free options are also available as well as milkshakes, cookies, brownies and more. Make sure to arrive early as the line at times can be well over an hour. However, I arrived a few moments after they opened and only waited about ten minutes. 

The Streets of SoHo

8 Must-See NYC Spaces

The next space that is a must-see is composed of the streets of the Manhattan neighborhood of SoHo. One could spend an entire day just wandering the streets taking photos. SoHo is quintessential New York with its cobblestone streets and cast-iron buildings. Art galleries, shops, and restaurants line the streets which get very active daily. Whether staying in one of the boutique hotels in the area or just exploring for the day taking the time to see all of the murals is a must. Long has SoHo been a muse for artists and this is apparent through the numerous works on display on the side of many buildings. Take the time to wander and experience these! 

Belvedere Castle 

8 Must-See NYC Spaces

A walk through Central Park on a beautiful day can feel simply magical. This moment can be made even more exceptional when spotting Belvedere Castle. Built in 1865 as a fantasy structure Belvedere Castle, which means “beautiful views” in Italian provides just that! While built just as a structure to bring joy, in 1919 the castle was put to work. The National Weather Service began using the tower to gather data. Now the castle also plays host to birding programs. Stargazing talks also meet to take advantage of the views here. When in Central Park Belvedere Castle is a must-see spot to live out your inner prince or princess! 


Do you have any must-see spots that have not been included here? Please share! 

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  1. Love these ideas! We had a blast walking through SOHO on our last trip to NYC. My favourite place by far would have to be governors island! We rented a free bike for an hour and rode the whole island, getting the best views of manhattan, statue of liberty, staten island, brooklyn etc. so much fun!

  2. I love that your choices are not exactly what people have heard about before unless they’ve been to NYC. I think these places are perfect and each one has something unique to offer! Totally worth experiencing!

  3. I have heard so much about NYC and hope to one day see it for myself – I feel like I’ve almost been though thanks to all the TV shows and films I’ve seen! Love the sounds of the Cookie Dough Confections (but as a food blogger, that’s not so surprising!).

  4. I love your picks! We just got back from NYC (we went in June) and we had such a great time. Our focus was Broadway but when we go back, I want to go to all the places you picked!

  5. These are great pictures! I would love to visit NYC! Such a big and busy city with so much to see and do. It would be a memorable experience!

  6. I’ve never been to NYC but am desperate to go for my 30th birthday next year. These look like some great places to visit!

  7. I love going to NY and these are al great and agreed must see places! I haven’t been in a while, have to go back soon. Miss it.

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