Apartment Features Dolly Parton Would Love

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Dolly Parton shares a beautiful home with her husband Carl Dean in Brentwood, Tennessee, but what if she decided to trade in her mansion for an apartment? It’s a funny thought to imagine the Pop Country diva downsizing from the Brentwood Mansion. Would she opt for one room or two? Would her fabulous and distinctive wardrobe need a place of its own? Here are five apartment amenities we know Dolly would want her new apartment home to have.

Apartment Features Dolly Parton Would Love
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Walk-in Closets 

Dolly Parton has always been known for three things her big blond hair, her big voice and her iconic style. So I feel safe saying Dolly would need a spacious walk-in closet. Even after four decades in the business people are still taking fashion lessons from the country music living legend. In an article with Q Magazine Dolly told them that she never wears the same outfit twice and once she has worn something it gets wrapped up and put into her closet. We can only imagine that collection in an apartment.

 A Farmhouse Sink

Even in her 70s the icon keeps herself in great shape and watches what she eats. While she has admitted to plastic surgery, Dolly maintains her weight by mostly sticking to a low-carb diet. While she does watch what she eats, she also loves cornbread and other signature Southern dishes from her country childhood. The superstar even released her cookbook, Dolly’s Fixin’s, in 2006. So we know Dolly would the appreciate the convenience that comes with a large kitchen sink for all those pots and pans.

Apartment Features Dolly Parton Would Love
Photo via Flickr user Merlin Phuket

Onsite Spa

As the queen of country Dolly deserves the best. I feel confident that Dolly enjoys her fair share of relaxing spa days. Perhaps she’s even enjoyed the spa at her Dollywood Resort in Tennessee. The busy 70-year-old would love the convenience of having a spa on site. 

Security Guard and Gated Access

Sadly living a life as a legend isn’t all love and roses. Once a fan left a newborn baby at Dolly Parton’s gate with a note that said, “My name is Jolene, my momma has me here and she wants you to have me.” While Dolly and her team were able to get the infant to the proper authorities, she probably would like to avoid that from happening again.

 Recycling Center or Doorstep Recycling

In 1996 Dolly lent her voice to the cartoon character Katrina Eloise “Murph” Murphy, cousin to Ms. Frizzle and operator of the recycling plant in the Holiday Special episode of The Magic School Bus. Teaching the kids the importance of recycling and the “war against waste.”  Murph dedicated her life to recycling and Dolly portrayed that with a number or upbeat ballads about recycling during the special.

What apartment features do you think Dolly would love? Are any of these on your must have list when searching for apartments in Houston? Let me know in the comments.

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Apartment Features Dolly Parton Would Love

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