Dog-Friendly Austin

If you own a dog chances are they become a huge part of your family. And what is better than a fun family vacation? If your pup is in the room with you don’t pass on this next statement. Not all cities are dog-friendly! Oh, the horror! Here at Channelling Dolly, we won’t focus on those places though! Allow me to introduce you to dog-friendly Austin. 

Dog-Friendly Austin

I have written about Austin several times on Channelling Dolly, here and here. One of the million reasons that I keep running back to this glorious Texas city as often as possible is that it is so easy for me to take Barkley there. Here are some of our favorite places to hit up while in the city! 

*Note the pep talk in the photo above. Thou shall not bite anyone while in a public place because if you are ugly on the inside you look ugly on the outside! 😉 

South Congress Avenue

Dog-Friendly Austin

If one area embodies the feel of quintessential Austin more than any other it would have to be South Congress Avenue. The shops are quirky. The people are refreshingly open and friendly and the entire area is very welcoming to dogs and their humans. Most of the shops allow your dogs inside and many of the restaurants have outdoor seating areas that are open to your furry children. Several people even offered Barkley water which was very sweet considering the day was extremely hot. 

*Channelling Dolly top choice for dining with your pet on South Congress is Home Slice! This pizza rivals that of NYC and the staff is top notch!

Dog-Friendly Austin

HOPE Outdoor Gallery aka Grafitti Park 

Dog-Friendly Austin

This eclectic space nestled inside a tight city street allows people to legally get their graffiti artist on! While they do ask for some info which can be found here, one can create their own work of art amongst these graffitied walls. Or if travelling with your pup this area creates quite the photo op! I will say if you have a small dog you may wish to carry them as there are many different sections which could be hard for them to climb. There is also spray paint cans and items discarded that you will want to watch out for. 

Bat Watching on the Congress Avenue Bridge

Dog-Friendly Austin

It may seem strange to stand on a bridge to watch approximately 1.5 million bats emerge for their nightly feedings, but in Austin, it is an endeared outing that many do nightly. There are boats that humans can partake in to see the bats, but they are not dog-friendly. Nevermind that as many prime bat viewing areas are perfect for dogs. Since Barkley is small we held him with us on the bridge. If you have a larger dog and need a bit more space the park is on either side and provides views. The park at the south end of the bridge is the most spacious and will give your pup plenty of room to move about. Please don’t forget water for yourself and your dog as it gets very hot outside in the summer. There are street vendors selling water and other drinks though should you forget. 

Dog-Friendly Austin

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Austin

Dog-Friendly Austin

Many hotels in Austin allow dogs and will make them feel as welcome as they do their human guests. A hotel that we frequent when there is the Hyatt Regency Austin. The staff always goes out of their way for Barkley offering beds or food bowls. The location of the Hyatt could not be more perfect for dogs as there is a park right outside the doors of the hotel. 

Another great dog-friendly hotel is the Hotel Van Zandt. If a hotel could be an attractive rock star this would be the hotel! If Lenny Kravitz was a hotel he would be the Hotel Van Zandt. It is gorgeous, it is stylish, it makes you feel more trendy just because you are there. Yet despite all of the cool factor it has going for it the staff is great! Everyone spoke to Barkley and commented on him as we walked around the common areas! 

Other hotels in the area that are dog-friendly include the Driskill, the FourSeasons, and for a more affordable option albeit a little north of downtown check out the DruryInn

Dinosaur Park 

Dog-Friendly Austin

The Dinosaur Park just outside of Austin is a fun place to stretch your’s and your dog’s legs. They are dog-friendly throughout the facility which includes a traditional park type section as well as a trail featuring life-sized dinosaurs. It is very inexpensive and a great way to spend an hour or two. And you can get your furry child involved in silly family photos like we did! 😉 

What is your favorite dog-friendly city?

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    1. Melanie you would love it!!! I’m a born and raised Texan and that is the place I feel most comfortable! Unfortunately I’ve always lived in Houston, but I feel like one day I will be in Austin!

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