I Will Always Love Sedona

I will Always Love Sedona

For years Sedona, Arizona has been on my radar for places I must visit. When finally visiting last month it far exceeded my expectations. Allow me to show you why I will always love Sedona. 

I will Always Love Sedona

Slide Rock State Park 

What was once an apple orchard is now an extremely popular location to take a dip in the summer at Slide Rock. Not visiting in the summer? Not to worry! The natural beauty of this area and its’ walking trails can be enjoyed any time of the year.  

I will Always Love Sedona

I will Always Love Sedona

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Built in 1956  the Chapel of the Holy Cross sits high atop Sedona in the red rocks.  Though it is a Roman Catholic church those of any faith are welcome to visit. And visit do they! This is one of the top destinations in Sedona. 

Also of note if you believe in vortexes the Chapel of the Holy Cross is on a site believed to be a very powerful vortex. Not familiar with vortexes? You will certainly see much info on them in Sedona so let me give you a quick rundown. Vortexes are swirling centers of energy that bring healing and inspiration to those in its’ path. They are also thought to provide spiritual enlightenment to those who interact with them. I will Always Love Sedona

I will Always Love Sedona

I will Always Love Sedona

Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park

If looking for spiritual guidance or a way to seek peace Sedona is perfect especially at the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park. The lovely thing about this entire area is that everyone is welcome everywhere whatever your beliefs. You need not be Buddhist to  enjoy the healing power of this area as you need not be Catholic for the Chapel of the Holy Cross. When all people can come together it is amazing. 

I will Always Love Sedona

I will Always Love Sedona

Devils Bridge Trail

A few things about Devils Bridge Trail in Sedona. One, it is one of the prettiest spots you can see on your visit there and should definitely venture out on the hike. Two you will certainly know by the end why it is called Devils because it can be hellacious if you are not THAT athletically inclined like yours truly. 

Be prepared as we were not and learned from our mistakes. Google provided a major fail on this one and told us the hike was much shorter than it was. It failed to add in the fact that the parking lot is very far from the start of the Devils Bridge Trail.  Please also take plenty of water.  Shoes with good traction are also important as the last part of the trail is a very steep climb up the cliff. Also as you walk out onto the bridge please be cautious of loose gravel that could pose a risk of falling. 

Do not let these warning deter you from seeing this view though.  It is so worth it!

I will Always Love Sedona I will Always Love Sedona I will Always Love Sedona I will Always Love Sedona

I will Always Love Sedona

A Little Side Trip to Jerome

A short 45 minute drive from Sedona is a town with a very different feel. It is pretty much the opposite of Sedona’s peaceful vibe as this was once known as the wickedest town in the area with gambling, brothels and other seedy activities. Now it is known for its’ ghosts. Yup you read that right! Ghosts! 

To play up the ghost theme many of the local establishments claim to be haunted. The Haunted Hamburger is one such place. I can not attest to this place being haunted as I was there in broad daylight and saw nothing spooky. I can, however, attest to this being one of the best turkey burgers I have had. Also the service here is top notch! 

Another quirky location in Jerome is the Gold Mine Museum and Ghost Town. This is the coolest collection of junk I have ever seen. Photo ops are endless and  here. 

I will Always Love Sedona I will Always Love Sedona I will Always Love Sedona

Another tip if you have the time…take HWY 89A to Flagstaff to see the views. That route from Sedona to Flagstaff has been touted as  one of the most scenic drives in the country. It truly is breathtaking. 

I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour through Sedona! Be sure to check out some of the places that I will always love here

I will Always Love Sedona

4 thoughts on “I Will Always Love Sedona”

  1. I love Arizona. It has some of the most amazing natural rock formations ever. I went there about 10 years ago and want to go back so bad. However, I could do without the heat that is for sure.

    1. I agree Trina! The rock formations are unbelievable! November wasn’t bad for the heat, but I would not want to be hiking in the summer there!

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