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 Looking For Wall Panels for Washrooms? Read On

We often end up spending quite a bit of time in the washroom. Many people find the washroom to be the most inspiring space. It is in this space that they get their best and most creative ideas. Having a beautifully decorated washroom is essential. However, the washroom is the last space where you want to end up spending large sums of money for the décor. With the help of the wall panels, you can have the perfect and most creatively decorated washroom at an unbelievably affordable price. Here’s everything you need to know about the wall panels for the washroom.

CSI Wall Panels

Very Affordable and Cost Effective

 One excellent benefit of the wall panels is that these panels are priced at an extremely affordable rate. Just like anyone else, you probably want to keep a low budget for your bathroom décor, but at the same time you want the washroom to look stylish. The reasonable pricing of the wall panels makes it easy for you to give your washroom an elegant and classy feel. You can purchase the wall panels in large numbers without having to worry about a hole being burnt through your pocket. All the walls of the washroom can be decorated with these panels. Still the entire project will turn out to be extremely cost-effective.

Waterproofing Paneling for Bathroom Walls 

 The washroom is space where there is bound to be much water splashing around. In some cases, the washrooms also tend to have leakages that destroy and ruin the walls and other interior décor products. However, in the case of the wall panels, you need not worry about them getting damaged or ruined when exposed to water. These panels are completely waterproof and can probably even withstand a rainstorm.

CSI Wall Panels

Different Materials That the Wall Panels Are Available In

 Another excellent feature of the wall panels is that these interior décor products are available in a wide range of materials for you to choose from. Select a wall panel depending on the kind of theme or atmosphere you are trying to give your washroom. Here’s the list of available wall panels for you to choose from:

  • Leather panels for walls
  • Translucent stone panels
  • Brick panels
  • Gypsum wall panels
  • MDF wall panels
  • Metal wall panels
  • Wood wall panels
  • Acrylic wall panels
Durable and Long Lasting Wall Panels For Your Washroom 

The wall panels are incredibly long lasting, sturdy and durable. Pretty much bordering on the line of damage proof, these panels can withstand all kinds of harsh handling. They will not also get dented or damaged in anyway. Once you have installed the wall panels in your washroom, you do not need to worry about redecorating your washroom for years on end due to the long life of these panels. Simple cleaning with a wet duster or a spray of water will keep these panels looking fresh and new.

Easy Installation Process for the Wall Panels

 One excellent benefit of the wall panels is that these decorative products have an extremely easy installation feature. While some of the bathroom wall panels have pre-drilled attachment points at the back, the concrete and gypsum wall panels can be installed by applying or spraying a hand painted at the back of the panel. The easy installation process of the wall panels saves you tons of money because you do not require professional installers to get the job done for you.

CSI Wall Panels

Consult an Architect to Clear Your Doubts

 Another brilliant feature of the wall panels is that the manufacturers and sellers of these panels have in-house architects who will guide you in a step-by-step way from selection to installation of the wall panels. These architects will even create rendered images of your washroom and conceptual drawings of the space to give you more clarity on how the finished outcome of the same will be. Thus, you do not need to spend extra money on hiring an architect or an interior decorator; you can simply rely on these skilled and experienced professionals and get the washroom you have always wanted.

Can Be Installed In both Residential and Commercial Washrooms

The beauty of the wall panels is that these panels can be installed in both residential and commercial bathrooms. Any washroom needing a creative and unique vibe can be given a makeover with the help of these panels. Here’s a list of places where the washrooms are decorated with the wall panels:


  • Hotel, restaurant, café, lounge, pub and coffee shop washrooms are commonly decorated with the wall panels.
  • Office washrooms, residential washrooms, washrooms in theme parks, washrooms in amusement parks and washrooms in movie theatres are often decorated with these wall panels.
  • Hospital washrooms, doctor’s clinic washrooms and washrooms in resorts are also decorated with these wall panels.

CSI Wall Panels

Countless Colors for You to Choose From

 Are you looking to give your bathroom a vibrant and brightly colored theme? Then the wall panels are just what you need. These panels are available in a range of colors for you to choose from. Some of the colors that these panels are available in include brilliant reds, bright oranges, sunny yellows, pretty purples and lilacs, light and dark browns, leafy greens, deep grays and several others. For those of you who wish to give your wall panels a specific color of your choice, you can buy white wall panels and paint them the colors of your choice. Washrooms in corporate spaces can have wall panels painted the color of the company logo and so on.

So, if you are working on redecorating your bathroom and are looking to get the entire job done in an affordable and cost-effective way, the wall panels are just what you need. Don’t waste another minute and place the order for your wall panels today. These panels will be delivered right to your doorstep. You can quickly and effortlessly get the installation of the same completed.




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