Teeth Whitening Review

Teeth Whitening Review

“Smile! Say Cheese!” 

Those words sound so harmless when you are confident with your smile. However, if you are not they can have a dreadful ring to them. Truth-I did not always love my smile. After having braces for three and a half years as an adult, let me tell you THAT was no fun, my smile and I now have a good relationship. 

Even though I do love to smile now my bad habits do come back to haunt me from time to time. I, my dear readers, have an addiction to Cherry Coke. Though said addiction is getting much better there are still times that I feel it dulls my smile. To keep a whiter smile there is a constant search for teeth whitening products going on here. You name it I have tried it. From laser whitening to whitening trays from the dentist and whitestrips, all have found their way into my beauty regimen.

But there was more!

Just when I thought I had tried them all into my radar came Smile Brilliant! With Smile Brilliant there were some immediate perks right away.

The first perk was the system includes actual bleaching trays just like the ones from the dentist office for a fraction of the cost! (My trays from the dentist were $400 several years ago, while in comparison the Smile Brilliant system is $149). Another great perk is that there is no need to visit the dentist’s office! Why? Because Smile Brilliant will conveniently deliver the full system to your door! Other perks to note: There is no trip to run to Target to buy whitening strips where you will most certainly pick up $300 worth of things other than the strips. There is also no giant light to shove on your teeth causing your face to look like a decorative lamp! Not the best look! 

Anywho let us get down to business here! We have your smiles to attend to! 

Teeth Whitening Review

How does Smile Brilliant transform my smile you ask?

Once you order your Smile Brilliant system it arrives very quickly via mail. This is going to include everything you need to create your molds. The instructions are included for this process, but long story short the base and the catalyst are combined and placed into the blue plastic trays (shown above). From there they are placed into your mouth and impressions are made of your teeth. Once the allotted time has passed the blue trays are placed into the included mailer. They will arrive back at Smile Brilliant who will get to work creating your personalized trays which you will get within a couple of weeks! Easy peasy! 

*WARNING the next photos contain super close up teeth pictures! 

Teeth Whitening Review

While waiting for your trays to return it isn’t a bad idea to take some before pictures. Then you can compare your before and after once you begin using the Smile Brilliant system. What is not a bad idea, however, is accidentally blowing up said picture across your entire computer screen and noticing teeny tiny lip hairs that you never realized you had! Don’t do what I did and keep those before pics sized appropriately! 

Teeth Whitening Review

Ready to smile fearlessly?

Once your whitening trays are ready they will arrive back to you along with a little case. The original box will contain your teeth whitening tubes as well as desensitizing gel to help with sensitivity and locking in whiteness. There is enough product contained in the kit to do the initial whitening. Plus on average most people have leftover to use when an extra boost is needed! I wear my trays for about an hour every other day. Anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours daily or every other day is recommended. 

While full disclosure, I received the Smile Brilliant system free of charge in exchange for a review, this product has some major benefits over any other bleaching system I have used. Most notably the trays are very comfortable, thin yet durable. In comparison, the trays that were designed for me by my local dentist were much thicker and hurt my gums after prolonged wear. I have TMJ and my mouth was always sore after using them. With the Smile Brilliant trays fitting so close to my teeth I have not had any discomfort. 

The design of the tubes which hold the gel are also great! They have a small cap that can be placed back to keep the product from escaping. Most whitening gels do not have this option, which often leads to it ending up looking like a volcano spewing at the top of the syringe wasting the expensive product. 

After using the Smile Brilliant system for about a week I am super happy with the results!

Teeth Whitening Review I am going to continue using it and will post more pictures on the Channelling Dolly Instagram page in about a week! Make sure to check those out! 

Smile! There is more!! 

I never go to a party empty-handed and I never like to brag about how awesome something is without giving you the chance to try it for yourself! Soooo…one lucky reader will win a $149 Smile Brilliant credit (the value of the T3 Sensitive System)! 

To enter just go to the giveaway link here:www.smilebrilliant.com/g/channellingdolly

This giveaway is open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents.

All entrants must enter their email address to be entered!

The winner will be announced here after the giveaway is closed! 

And on Channelling Dolly there are no losers only winners!! So on that note, everyone will receive  15% off their purchase with  coupon code: channellingdolly15



For more information please check out Smile Brilliant’s site here!


*As previously stated this post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All opinions stated are my own. 



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