Do You Need A Getaway?

Getaway House

Do you need a getaway?  Let’s face it! It is 2020. We all need one ! Unfortunately as much as I love to travel across the country I just don’t feel safe doing so right now. Thankfully I discovered Getaway House! 

Getaway House

Getaway has locations, they call them Outposts, across the country not far from large cities such as LA, Atlanta and Dallas to name a few.  I decided to book a spot at the location closest to Houston, Brazos Valley. The booking process is so simple on their site.  Their reservations are set up in a calendar style that allows you to easily compare rates to find the best deal.

Getaway House

Getaway makes social distancing easy! Like super easy! Seriously I want to invest in anything that the Getaway founders create because they were so ahead of their time creating a space where you have to see absolutely nobody! On the day of your reservation you will receive a text telling you which cabin you will be in and the code to get in. Once you arrive on site you will just look for your cabin, ours was Carma, and type the code you received into the keypad on the door. Voila your vacation has begun! 

Getaway House

Let me fill you in on all of the things I loved about Getaway! The main thing that I loved is that they allow dogs. There was a small fee, associated but to be able to have my Poppy with us is so important. 

It is great place to step away and just be one with nature.  Each cabin is surrounded by trees. While you can see the end of the cabins peeking out from the main dirt road the way the cabins are situated provide a lot of privacy amongst the trees. 

How cute is this Getaway? 

The cabins are just so darn cute! They are a cross between a cabin and a tiny home and I am all about the aesthetic.  Though I love the idea of being one with nature the idea of sleeping in a tent in the summer in Texas is not my idea of fun. Hello heatstroke! Thankfully with  Getaway I could get my feel for the outdoors and then go back in to the cool cabin! 

Getaway House

Getaway has created a perfect outdoor space with a picnic table and grill. If you go I suggest packing your favorite foods to grill to get the whole experience.  We made burgers, BOCA for me, and then dessert. Those s’mores were so very good. Look at that marshmallow flame action we had going! They do provide some items for purchase inside your cabin, but for a larger selection I suggest shopping before you get there. 

Getaway House

Disconnect and Enjoy

Should you wish to completely disconnect there is a box in the cabin to place your phone. In place of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and news apps popping up on your phone every five seconds you can take this time to listen to the radio or read an actual book. I haven’t slowed down to do that in way too long as mostly I just listen to audiobooks at this point. 

Getaway House

Getaway House

Getaway House Getaway House Getaway House

Poppy cracks me up in the photo below. She looks like she should have a Sarah McLachlan song playing in the background. In reality we had her in the air conditioning so she wouldn’t get too hot outside. Poor Poppy living the hard life. 😉 Getaway House Getaway House

I couldn’t possibly pass up the chance to have a quick photoshoot! After all that gorgeous window is what the Getaway cabin is known for! 

Want to plan your own trip? 

You don’t have to stay home right now afraid to take a vacation. You just have to be more mindful of your choices. If you all would like more info on Getaway to plan your own trip check them out here! While this post is in no way sponsored by Getaway I do have a code that you can use to save $25. Just click on this link:

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