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I will always love to travel. When I do there is no city that makes me more excited to  visit than New York. The people, the pace, the excitement. It all gives me life.  With so much to love it is hard to narrow down my favorite views, but here goes:

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Located on 5th avenue directly across from Rockefeller Center, this Roman Catholic church is nothing short of breathtaking.  Pictures truly do it no justice. If you are going to visit may I suggest dropping in early and then again after dark if possible. The difference in lighting really gives the church a unique glow as the day turns to night.

new st patricks

St.Patrick's Cathedral

St.Patrick's Cathedral
The Brooklyn Promenade

Just a short walk from the Brooklyn base of the Brooklyn bridge lie views that you will never forget. You may have seen them in movies, but to see them in person is a magnificent thing.

To get here you have multiple options including a short ferry ride, subway or walk across the bridge and then around to the promenade.

During warmer months the promenade is home to movie nights. Sitting on a blanket watching a flick with the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop is the perfect way to spend a night.

For more info check out their site at New York Harbor Parks.


Top of the Rock

As part of 30 Rockefeller Plaza there is much to do in this location. Architect buffs will love the building’s classic example of art deco design.  Shoppers should check out the options at the concourse level. Entertainment junkies will enjoy the NBC Studios tour where you will get a peek of the Saturday Night Live sets as well as others. One thing everyone will surely agree on is that the view from Top of the Rock on the 70th floor is gorgeous.

The observation areas include an outside viewing deck as well as an inside area for those who may not be so keen on heights.

Years ago while planning for my first trip to the city someone suggested to me that I go to Top of the Rock instead of the Empire State Building observation deck. Not only are the wait times much shorter at Top of the Rock, but most importantly you can’t get pictures of the Empire State Building if you are in the Empire State Building.

For more info visit Top of the Rock NYC.


View of Time’s Square :


Central Park

If your only knowledge of New York City is that which is portrayed on television and in movies you may think that the city is in a constant claustrophobic state due to masses of people and steel structures. To have this myth debunked one must only step foot into the 843 acre area that is Central Park.

Central Park

148125_459449683229_6170467_n156015_459450158229_246486_nStrawberry Fields537908_10151203859638230_1352845476_n

Here you can exercise, watch an outdoor concert, go to the zoo, pay respect to John Lennon at Strawberry Fields, have a picnic or just ponder your existence on the planet. This is also where a girl from Texas met a really sweet horse with a love of carrots named Pepper.

Central Park is the place to stop, relax and take in the views of the city  at a slower pace.

You can find out more info at Central Park Conservancy.

Central Park


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