Favorite Affordable Beauty Finds

Favorite Affordable Beauty Finds

Putting yourself together every day can be expensive! All of the lotions, hair products, liners, shadows….as our girl Dolly says “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!” However, if you shop smart you can find products that are affordable but give great results. Check out my favorite affordable beauty finds:

Olay Complete with SPF 15 

The Olay product line is one that I have sworn by since my teen years. I have tried products that cost many times more than Olay and have always found Olay to be the best. When I was 16 I worked in a store. One of our customers was in her mid 40’s and looked as young as her teenage daughter. I asked her what in the world did she do to stay so youthful. Her answer was “Oil of Olay!”  That was enough to make me believe! 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist 

If you have dry hair, or are like me and bleach your hair, then you know it is hard to keep your locks conditioned. So many products out there promise to condition, or renew, or to magically give you luxurious strands.  I must agree though when Aussie says they are going to give you a 3-minute miracle they do! This conditioner has brought a new life to my hair. After using salon products for years I was at first skeptical of the Aussie brand, but it has made me realize you don’t always get what you pay for. Sometimes you get so much more! 

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Almond 

I have very sensitive skin and really have to watch the soaps that I use. Dr. Bronner’s has become a go-to line for me.  The scents are nice, but not over powerful and they do not make me breakout.  

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Shampoo 

If you are blonde by nature or by choice, this John Frieda product will help keep your color intact. In between salon visits when my color begins to dull I just wash my hair with Colour Renew and it immediately looks brighter. 

Essie Petal Pushers

The Essie brand of nail color is my personal favorite. Their products are easy to find at many local stores, including my obsession Target. The price point is good and the color lasts. Right now I am loving Petal Pushers. This gray tone is so in right now and perfect for fall and winter. 

Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Prime Blur+Smooth

At my full-time job I work ten hour days. It is easy to get your makeup to stay during hour three, but by hour nine not so much. After trying primer after primer, I have found most of them to not fulfill my wishes of keeping my face on. This Maybelline product is my favorite by far. It does not feel greasy like some primers. My makeup doesn’t fade away and it has not caused breakouts. 

If you have any favorite beauty finds that you love, please share! 

38 thoughts on “Favorite Affordable Beauty Finds”

  1. Thought of you the other day when I heard this joke.

    Dolly Parton and Queen Elizabeth went to the Pearly Gates on the same day.

    They both met with an Angel to find out if they would be admitted to Heaven.

    The angel said “Unfortunately, there’s only one space in Heaven today so I must decide which one of you will be admitted.”

    The Angel asked Dolly if there was some particular reason why she should go to Heaven. Dolly took off her top and said, “Look at these, they’re the most perfect breasts God ever created and I’m sure it will please God to be able to see them every day, for eternity.”

    The Angel thanked Dolly, and asked Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the same question.

    The Queen walked over to a toilet, pulled the lever and flushes it without saying a word.

    The Angel immediately said, “OK, your Majesty, you may go into Heaven.”

    Dolly was outraged and asked, “What was that all about? I showed you two of God’s own perfect creations and you turned me down. She simply flushed a commode and she got admitted to Heaven! Would you explain that to me?

    “Sorry, Dolly,” said the Angel, “but even in Heaven, a royal flush beats a pair – no matter how big they are.”

  2. I have never heard of Dr. Bronner’s. Soap is such an annoying thing for me to find. I’m either allergic or it causes my hands to crack and bleed so I will definitely be seeking this brand out to try! I love essie polish!!

  3. I love your collection. More and more of us are sensitive to chemicals found in harsh soaps so this list was very helpful.

  4. I love Essie polish too! I feel like 8.50 isn’t bad for polish if it’s a color I will wear a lot and I feel like the formula holds up for quite a few days more than the cheap brands, but it’s not an over priced $16 bottle of polish!

    1. I agree! It is the best that I have found for the fair price! Actually to me it works better than brands that cost so much more!

    1. It is so good and awesome job getting your husband to use it! I always try to get mine to use products and sometimes he doesn’t stick with them. lol

    1. Debra that works amazingly well! If I need my makeup to stay on for a night out I also use Urban Decay’s All Nighter spray on top of my makeup. Together with those products my makeup stays on even in the humid Texas weather!

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