Fun Gifts for the Friends Who Have Everything

We all have THAT friend who has it all. THAT friend that has you wracking your brain every year as to what the heck to buy them. Well when someone has everything they need, why not buy them something whimsical and fun!? 

Fun Gifts For the Friends Who Have Everything

Emie Kitten Portable Battery Charger-for those cat lovers on your list. 

Streamline Rainbow Color Wheel Umbrella-a dark stormy day would be instantly brighter with this color wheel! 

Balloon Dog Figurine-for modern art fans this Jeff Koons inspired balloon dog statue comes at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. 

Premium Handcrafted Bluetooth Speaker-retro styling with modern day technology. 

Tribeca Organic Arm Chair-To me this patchwork chair is the home decor version of Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors! 

Handmade Swedish Tomte Santa-According to Scandinavian folklore the tomte, or gnome, is lucky. So this could be the gift that keeps on giving! 

What fun gifts will you be giving this year? 

2 thoughts on “Fun Gifts for the Friends Who Have Everything”

    1. Krystal it would be a great photo prop!! I am obsessed with the Jeff Koons version, but this one is so fun and attainable!

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