Christmas Ideas for the Fur Babies

There are many Christmas lists with ideas for things that we can buy for the humans in our life. However, no roundup is complete without Christmas ideas for the fur babies! So for those of you with pups in your life here are some gift ideas:

Christmas Ideas For the Fur Babies


  1. Kamier Shark pet bed -you may have seen the adorable shark strollers out recently for human children. Well, now your furry one’s can get in on the trend with this shark pet bed! 
  2. Rubies Beetlejuice Pet Costume-if kids can go to the grocery store dressed year round as their favorite Disney character, then your dog should not have to wait until Halloween to be dressed like Beetlejuice! Is this not hilarious?! 
  3. Fitwarm Duck Dog Pajamas-make bathtime much more appealing by dressing your furbaby in warm pajamas afterward. 
  4. Doggles Originalz Medium Frame-protect your dog’s eyes and keep them looking super cool in Doggles. My Barkley has had these for years! 
  5. Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel-Another item that I personally recommend is this fun toy. Barkley has a way of ripping most toys to pieces in moments, but this one has lasted him for over ten years. He really enjoys trying to dig the squirrels out of their tree. 
  6. Viler Pet Tent-This teepee inspired bed is so cute and it comes in several color options to match your home’s decor. 
  7. Pet Peek Fence Window-Maybe your dog is besties with the next door neighbor’s dog, or maybe your dog is just really nosey. No judgment here! Just make sure you get your neighbor’s permission before installation begins! 

Do you have any pet products to add to the list? Please share if so! 

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