New Orleans French Quarter’s Christmas Style

New Orleans, Louisiana has a style all its’ own. Walking through the streets of the city’s famed French Quarter can immediately transport one back to the 1800’s which many of the buildings date back to.  While the city is synonymous with Mardi Gras it should not be overlooked as a wonderful destination to celebrate the Christmas season. Allow me to take you on a photographic journey to show you why everyone should celebrate New Orleans French Quarter’s Christmas style. 

New Orleans French Quarter's Christmas Style  The French Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in the city. A place where residents have come to worship since the 1700’s is St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square. This cathedral is stunning on any given day, but during the holidays it has an added sparkle. Lights twinkle in the square. Red bows make your family photos more festive and on certain nights there is even caroling by candlelight. 
New Orleans French Quarter's Christmas Style New Orleans French Quarter's Christmas Style The best way to see all of the holiday decorations the French Quarter has to offer is to take to the streets. Walking the neighborhood is a great way to burn off those holiday treats and check out all of the lights. New Orleans French Quarter's Christmas Style

This shop certainly went with the more is more motto! It completely works, however! Plus there is no better time of the year to be completely over the top than Christmas! New Orleans French Quarter's Christmas Style New Orleans French Quarter's Christmas Style My personal favorite were the gingerbread men adorning this upper balcony. 
New Orleans French Quarter's Christmas Style New Orleans French Quarter's Christmas Style New Orleans French Quarter's Christmas Style New Orleans French Quarter's Christmas Style

This house located across the street from the French Market was so so simply decorated, yet the red against the gray walls made a huge impact. Be sure to check out the French Market for local cuisine and artists who sell their goods there. 

New Orleans French Quarter's Christmas Style

New Orleans French Quarter's Christmas Style

When looking for a place to celebrate the holidays I hope this post has helped you to consider New Orleans. Seeing how the city dresses up for the holiday makes it extremely inviting. 

Do you have any cities that are must see’s during the holiday season? Is so, please share! And be sure to check back here for more of my favorites at Christmas time! 

41 thoughts on “New Orleans French Quarter’s Christmas Style”

  1. Oh I always thinking about New Orleans for mardi gras but it looks beautiful and would probably be lovely to visit during other seasons! I’ll definitely consider that!

    1. Angela it is so pretty at the holidays! Many of the hotels are also decorated in the lobbies which is another fun thing to walk around and see. Plus it is much less crowded than Mardi Gras which is great!

    2. Angela I would also suggest Halloween! It is so fun and everyone dresses up walking around the quarter. Doing the ghost tours are especially fun that weekend.

    1. Thank you Karen! They have me wanting to do wood cutouts of gingerbread men though that project may have to wait until next year!

    1. Terri Disney is perfection at this time of year…though in my opinion it is perfect all the time! lol! You will have a blast!!! I went for New Year’s once and loved seeing the decorations!

  2. I also love the gingerbread men. They are adorable. And the red tree and decorations on the house are beautiful and elegant. I have never been to New Orleans but would love to go and experience it this time of year.

    1. Erin if you ever get the chance to experience the city December is a great time! Plus it’s not hot like it is the majority of the year there!

  3. I visited New Orleans when I was younger with my family. I’d lobe to go again now that I’m older and can appreciate more of the culture and history.

  4. I have always seen photos of the French Quarters and wanted to go but it is even more appealing covered in Christmas decorations! SO gorgeous!

    1. Kristen it is a very unique city to see at any time, but there is a certain sparkle about it at the holidays that makes it even more special!

  5. I’ve always wanted to visit the French Quarter. It looks so lovely, and gorgeous. Looks like a gorgeous place to visit! Hopefully I can see this one day!

  6. There’s something about christmas time that adds so much more charm to any city! What a great place to enjoy the holidays!

    1. You are so welcome! So glad you enjoyed them and how fun it would be to have family in New Orleans! My family lives in Nashville and I’m in Houston. At times we will meet in New Orleans and it’s so fun!

  7. I had no idea New Orleans got into the Christmas spirit. Its such a festive city its nice to see they do more around this time and not only around Mardi Gras season!

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