DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Last year I hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party. It was so fun to create such a ridiculous ensemble that I wanted to share some tips on how you could do this easy DIY! 

First, I started with a Hanes sweatshirt from WalMart. It was the most inexpensive option in case I completely overdid the ugly on my ugly Christmas sweater. There is a fine line, you know! 

Then I drew out a pegasus on a white felt square and cut it out. Red felt was used to create the mane. A small hole was cut behind the mane before gluing it down and small feathers were placed in the hole for the pegasus wings. Fabric glue ensured that it stayed secure. Aleene’s Tacky Glue works very well for this.

Once dried glitter glue in red, green and silver was used to create magical Christmas pegasus poop. Yes, I said poop! Channelling Dolly is a classy site! 😉 

Feather boa was used in red and white around the arms and neck. Hot glue was used for this step as it dried faster. 

To complete the look I found some wings at the local costume shop and made a simple tutu in red, white and green. Why not match your skirt to the Christmas poop!?

Sure you can go buy your ugly Christmas sweater, however, it is so fun to make one!

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