How to Recognize if you an overindulgent puppy parent

We all know those people who go overboard with their human children, creating spoiled little people. Is it possible for those of us with fuzzy children to also spoil our creatures? Here are some ways to recognize if you are an overindulgent puppy parent by someone who is unapologetically spoiling their boy…me! 

How to Recognize if you an overindulgent puppy parent

You may be an overindulgent puppy mom if you buy your son toys to match his outfit. 

If you sleep in positions known only to Cirque du Soliel performers to keep from waking your dog who fell asleep on you. Forget about the fact that absolutely no blood is flowing into your arm. Your baby looks like a sweet angel laying there. 

How to Recognize if you an overindulgent puppy parent

If you buy your fuzzy Sprinkles cupcakes and he actually knows the words Sprinkles cupcakes. 

You feel ashamed when you fill out a survey and check the box that you have no children even though you have a furry kid. Wait should you back and put that you have 1 child? Darn these surveys for making me feel like a bad parent! 

How to Recognize if you an overindulgent puppy parent

You take your pup to memorable events in the community, because one day he may look back on this event…even though you know he would rather be home with a rawhide bone on the couch! 

You get embarrassed when the vet staff tells you that your furry child bit them. Then you spend the drive home wondering what they did to your sweet baby that made him so mad. You think your poor baby is misunderstood. Now you know how human parents feel when the school counselor calls! 

How to Recognize if you an overindulgent puppy parent

You have places that hold special memories with your pup that you now consider “Your places”. For example, Zilker Park in Austin will always be our place. Just look at that smile! 

How to Recognize if you an overindulgent puppy parent

You will walk into the pet store to pick up food. While inside you talk yourself into a plethora of frivolous things that your fuzzy child needs. Jeep beds, doggie sunglasses, a teepee…the sky is the limit.

To those people with only two-legged children being overly indulgent with a so-called dog may seem overboard. However, for those of us with furry family members, I am sure you understand! 

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  1. The one thing I have never been accused of is being an over indulgent parent, but for my dog buddies, I will walk out of my way to get them the best treats or collars. I even got my sewing machine out to make them scarves. Yep, I love those two!

  2. Girl – first of all… I am TOTALLY the same way but with my fur kitty baby. And yes to them including a box for “fur baby” under if we have children. Also – I sleep like a twisted pretzel for my kitty all-the-time. Happily.

  3. ha ha ha my dog was my first baby. She is now best friends with my two human babies and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even if she is a little spoiled.

  4. Oh you are my kind of people! Seriously all my fur babies are super spoiled and I don’t care. Yes my legs have gone numb multiple times because I don’t want to disturb him, and only do get up because otherwise *I* would be having an accident!

  5. We lost our precious Argo a few years back and it was horrible. He was more like a family member to us. We made sure he always had everything he needed and more. He was spoiled and beautiful.

    1. Angela I am so sorry for your loss. We had a border collie Tina that passed in 2005. I still haven’t gotten over that.

    1. Debra it is hard at times to know. Sometimes the things I buy for Barkley are really probably more for me than him. I am pretty sure he doesn’t care if he has a super cute fox sweater! LOL!

    1. Melissa I find myself doing the baby talk thing too! LOL! Other people probably think I am crazy, but glad to know I am not the only one!

  6. Haha these are brilliant photos – what a cutie! I got Cookie (my cat) a baseball cap and take him for walks in the park, that ain’t too bad is it?:) x

  7. Color me overindulgent, then. I am guilty of just about all of these things. I mean. they are so darn cute, and they show you all the love you could ever want. How could you not be overindulgent with them?

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