Busy Schedules Call for a Refresh with evian Facial Spray

Nowadays it seems like everyone has such busy schedules. Whether you are going out with friends after work or just working very long days like I do, some days require a way to refresh. Last week was so busy for me that a few days found me changing clothes in the car as well as my makeup. Nothing like doing a cat eye while riding on the busy freeway! 

While I can not give you tips for a mobile closet or gift you a personal makeup artist I can help you with an idea to refresh your skin. One way to do so is with evian! Not only does evian have a way to hydrate your body internally. They can also hydrate you externally! 

Busy Schedules Call for a Refresh with evian Facial Spray

evian’s Facial Spray delivers hydration by delivering microdroplets of pure evian natural spring water. The spray is packaged in a leak-proof canister so it perfect to throw in your purse before work. The natural skincare is dermatologically tested and hypo-allergenic. Throughout the day a quick mist of evian Facial Spray will provide hydration. It can be sprayed on top of makeup and will not cause it to smear or run. Check out my video below to see how easy it is to use and how well my makeup stayed intact! Some similar products that I have tried have caused my mascara to run when spraying over a full face of makeup, but with this one there were no raccoon eyes! 

Not only does evian Facial Spray refresh and hydrate throughout the day.  This product can also be used when applying makeup to blend and finish.  It can be sprayed on hair to perk up your style. evian Facial Spray is also gentle enough to use for cleansing babies. So many uses for this product from an already trusted brand! 

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*This post was sponsored and powered by BrandBacker. The product was provided for review, however, all opinions are my own. 

46 thoughts on “Busy Schedules Call for a Refresh with evian Facial Spray”

  1. I’ve never heard of this! But this sounds like something i would love to try and take with me when I travel! My skin freaks out when I travel so this would be a great product to try for that extra hydration and TLC!

  2. I remember waaaay back in the day when Evian came out and we’d use this spray to refresh. It was like mind-blowing! I still love the effect it gives with just one misting of the product! A classic!

    1. Karen it definitely is one of those products that stands the test of time. I also love that it doesn’t make me break out!

    1. Cynthia it is so light and refreshing. It would be very helpful in a climate where the weather is cooler and drying to the skin.

  3. I have only used Evian once and I really liked it! I love how moisturizing it was, especially when my skin gets dry through the winter

  4. What a great product. I had a makeup artist who used to spray a water mist over foundation and she said it helped set it. She should have marketed it….oh well. Love that it’s spillproof.

  5. I used to have this a few years back (it looked a little different) and I loved it!! I love all refreshing sprites to be fair. BTW – How adorable is your shirt tho! x

  6. I’ve been a huge fan of Evian spray since my trip to Vegas years ago. It definitely helped keep my skin feeling hydrated is the desert air. I use facial sprays all the time now as skin refereshers.

  7. I have definitely heard about this spray for traveling. I am going to pick some up before I fly to St. John. I’m guessing it’s a small enough bottle to go through security?

  8. I’ve never tried evian’s facial spray, but it looks and sounds great. I have also used products that cause my mascara to run or smear and so I stopped using these type of products altogether, but it looks like I need to give this one a try.

    1. Brittany you may want to try spraying it on after all your makeup is done except your mascara and then put that on last. I have sprayed this on over my mascara as well though and had no issues, thankfully!

  9. I think I have heard of this spray on youtube before! Right now I am using a hydration spray from Caudalie, and not seeing much difference. I may have to try this one when I run out!

  10. I love Evian facial spray. I always take it on vacation with me. It is perfect for the plane and perfect for the heat of the day in the sun for a refreshing boost.

  11. I have a couple of these Evian Facial Sprays in my beauty arsenal right now. Its perfect too to take to the beach and spray on you to cool down!

  12. This seems like a convenient way to keep your skin hydrated. I didn’t realize Evian made a product like this. It’s like a spray lotion but without any greasy feeling left over.

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