Smells So Lovely

Don’t you just love springtime? The air is so fresh and full of beautiful scents.  Everything smells so lovely that it makes you want to be outside even more. Unfortunately most of us have indoor careers that may cause us to leave that invigorating springtime feeling much too often! I have an idea that may just help you out though! 

Smells So Lovely

When spring is just a beautiful thing that you get to experience on the weekends do not fret! If you have the right scent on you can take it indoors with you.  Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Rose Eau De Toilette floral and citrus scents can carry you throughout your work week. 

Mercedes-Benz Rose has a very fresh scent.  Despite being fresh the fragrance has a very good staying power. After several hours of wear I can still smell it, while many of my other favorites fade much faster. And can we talk for a minute about the packaging? Not only is it sleek and modern, but it is pink glass! No color says lovely springtime day like pink! 

Smells So Lovely

My introduction to the Mercedes-Benz Rose comes from Fragrance Market. Carrying over 3000 brand name fragrances, skincare makeup and haircare at discount prices this site is very user friendly. A quick search shows that all the frangrance heavy hitters are coming out to play on Fragrance Market. Dolce&Gabbana, John Varvatos, Tom Ford, Prada, Marc Jacobs…I could go on and on! 

As stated above Fragrance Market has discount prices, which means you can save quite a bit in comparison to some of the other beauty and fragrance sites. However, Channelling Dolly readers are in for an even bigger savings! Should you choose to make a purchase on Fragrance Market, and who wouldn’t want to have a fresh new spring fragrance AND get a great deal, you can get an extra $10 off by using coupon code “10OFFBEST”! This code applies to all orders over $65.

*This post is sponsored by BrandBacker. Fragrance Market provided the product for review, but all opionions are my own. 

19 thoughts on “Smells So Lovely”

  1. I did not know that Mercedes Benz had a perfume as well. I’m going to have to check out Frangrance Market since they offer some awesome discounts!

  2. For spring smells I buy a lot of fresh cut flowers! They are the best ever. I didn’t know Mecredes-Benz had a scent. I don’t know if I could order a scent online, I need t know what it smells like before buying!

  3. Looks beautiful and I bet it smells amazing! I didn’t know they had perfume! I love perfume that is light and fragrant and not too overpowering.

  4. I had NO CLUE Mercedes Benz made a perfume. I mean I know they have nice cars, but this is new to me. I love rose scent anything though so I might need to see what this is all about

  5. Had no idea that there was a Mercedes scent! And its pink! Where has this been all my life? I want to check it out – looks gorgeous!

  6. Perfect before Father’s Day! I love a review of fragrances so I don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong one. It takes me a long time to test it out.

  7. I had no idea Mercedes has a fragrance. Interesting. I will have to check it out. I don’t wear a lot of perfume but I do love exploring all the different scents available.

  8. This sounds like a delicious scent! Smells can have a powerful effect on our moods, something uplifting and fresh can help keep us smiling!

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