Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately

Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately

With an estimated 77% of Americans now owning a smartphone we hold within our hands much information. We can get directions, reservations, heck we could plan an entire event straight from our phones! With all of this technology, we also hold the power to save money! Let me show you the top 10 money-saving apps you need on your phone immediately!

Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately

Southwest Airlines

When planning a flight I admittedly become obsessed with finding the lowest price possible. I will wake up at odd times to find the best deals. This app makes it possible to easily check the current prices on flights as well seeing special offers. Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately


Sure going to the movie theater is fun and that fantastic buttery concoction on the popcorn is worth gaining ten pounds for. Unfortunately paying on average $20 a couple just to see the movie and another $15 at the concession stand is not budget friendly. Whether you wish to save money or would simply rather spend your movie watching time on your own comfy couch this is where Redbox comes in. With the Redbox app, you can find the nearest Redbox location to you, reserve your selection and pay for it right on your phone. For $1.50 plus tax, your entertainment is taken care of. 

Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately


If you shop online and have not signed up to receive a big fat check from Ebates then you are missing out! By downloading the Ebates app on your phone and using it when you shop online you will get a percentage of your money back in the form of a quarterly check from Ebates. How does it work? Click on your Ebates app. Search for the store that you wish to purchase from, almost all of the popular shops are listed. Ebates will link you to the store and should you make a purchase will give you a percentage of that back. There is also an option of using Ebates in store now as well by linking your payment info to the app. If you wish to check it out feel free to join along with me at Ebates

Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately


Want to save money by shopping for groceries, clothing and much more? With the Ibotta app simply search for a particular store. From there browse which items are offering rebates. Should you purchase any of the items with rebates the app will walk you through redeeming them by taking a photo of your receipt. Once you complete the process your funds will be placed into your Ibotta account. When at least $20 is in your account you will be able to transfer funds via PayPal or redeem for featured gift cards! To date, I have earned over $240 through Ibotta just for using an app! If you would like to join me you can earn $10 just for signing up here

Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately

Target Cartwheel

To say that I love Target is an understatement. No doubt I am not alone in that I can NEVER walk into Target and only purchase what is on my shopping list. For this reason, I have the Target Cartwheel app readily available on my phone. When I am lured into the clothing area, looking at those new cute sandals or just have to have that colorful rug I scan the barcode on the back of the item. Cartwheel will tell me if my desired item is on sale and if so I can add that to my saved items. When checking out show the cashier the barcode on your app and you will get those deals straight at the register the same as if you were using a traditional coupon.  Plus if you pair the Cartwheel app with the Target Red Card the savings can be substantial. 

Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately


If you have seen my craft posts here on Channelling Dolly then it is a safe assumption to believe I spend a lot of time and money at Michaels. Thanks to the Michaels app, however, I also save a lot of money. The app contains the weekly ad as well as a coupon section. Coupons often include a 40% off one regular price item and at times even a percentage off of your entire purchase. These offers change regularly though so download it and check it often. In my experience around the major holidays, the offers get even more enticing, especially around Christmas. 

Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately


No doubt you have been out with your friends and family and have looked for a fun way to spend the day. Maybe the funds are a little low. We have all been there! However, if the Groupon app is downloaded on your phone you can help combat these days of boredom on a budget! Offering categories such as Things to Do, Beauty & Spas, Restaurant and more Groupon provides many options for a fun filled day! Better yet is the fact that you can make your purchase from your phone and then show the Groupon app at the place you are redeeming it. For most Groupon’s, there is no need to even print anything out! 

Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately


Ulta is a great one stop shop for beauty products. Their stores carry all of the major brands. To save on all of these goodies it doesn’t take much more than the Ulta app. First, sign up for My Rewards on the app. When you shop show the cashier the barcode under My Rewards and the system will keep track of your purchases. You will then earn points that will add up and become redeemable as cash on purchases! Bonus offers are frequently offered which help your points grow quicker. For example, as I write this for every dollar spent on Urban Decay you will earn 5X’s  the points. Other useful and money saving features include the current store ad, a sale and a coupon section. 


Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately


Being fashion obsessed can be costly. On the other hand, if you shop smart you can actually earn money back! With the Express app create your account and for every $250 in purchases, you will receive a reward certificate. Points can also be earned by reviewing purchases.  The app also will alert you to special offers and app exclusive coupons! 

Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately


Those of you from Texas are likely familiar with H-E-B. For those of you who are not from the Lone Star State, H-E-B is our grocery store chain. It is proof that everything is bigger in Texas! Not only can you find great deals at H-E-B on a daily occasion, but with the help of their app you can save even more at the register.  The store offers hundreds of dollars in savings just by clicking the coupons on the app and saving them to your account. Once at the register the credit card pad will prompt you to put your login info in. Type in your info and those coupons that you saved to your app will automatically be deducted from your total! 

What are your favorite money saving apps? If there are any that I have left off the list please share! 

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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Money Saving Apps You Need On Your Phone Immediately”

  1. I have Target cartwheel app and Groupon! Didn’t know Ulta had an app so I’ll download that!! Thanks for the tips!!

  2. My new favorite airline app is Fareness. Finds the cheapest flights and sets it up so that it is easy to compare. Try it out!

  3. I’ve only ever heard of Groupon from these – am definitely intrigued though! I have Snatch right now – it’s a game but you can win some vouchers & cash and it doesn’t take up a lot of my time 🙂 x

  4. I have a couple of these but not all i’m going to have to go check right now and get them! Always looking for ways to save money especially on the go!

  5. Fantastic variety of apps! I have the Cartwheel app, I use that the most. I had no idea Ulta had an app, though. I need to grab that!

  6. I love the Cartwheel, app for Target!! It’s so nice and easy when I’m in the store (which is every day oops)

  7. I have some of these apps on my phone. It’s awesome to be able to get everything that you and your family need without having to spend too much. I love having apps that make me do just that!

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