Louboutina The Hugging Dog

Louboutina The Hugging Dog

When I tell people that New York City is my favorite place and that I long to live there I am often met with every stereotype there is. Aren’t the people rude? Nobody has time to be polite to each other! Prepare to have those myths about New Yorkers broken…all with the help of Louboutina the hugging dog! 

Louboutina The Hugging Dog

This is Louboutina, Loubie for short. That is her owner, aka her human father, Cesar Fernandez-Chavez. Loubie didn’t always give out free hugs. After Cesar suffered a breakup he noticed Loubie started trying to hold his hand. As time went on that hand holding turned into an actual hug and Louboutina began to earn her reputation as the hugging dog! 

Louboutina The Hugging Dog

After seeing Loubie on Instagram I HAD to meet her when I recently visited NYC. I contacted Cesar via Loubie’s Instagram account and found out that they would be out for a walk in their Chelsea neighborhood that night! Of course, the trip was made immediately to get a hug from this friendly New Yorker! 

Louboutina The Hugging Dog

After reading that Loubie does not hug everyone, only those that she bonds with I was so grateful that I measured up for her! How can you not want to bond with that beautiful Golden Retriever face?!

Louboutina The Hugging Dog

My husband Gabe and friend Mark fell for her too! Loubie had quite the crowd as we talked to her and Cesar. People were so in awe by the fact that she could hug and interested in the fame she has gained from her actions. The pair has even appeared on Good Morning America

Louboutina The Hugging Dog

Thank you so much to Cesar for meeting up with us on the street. You are so kind and gracious that it is no wonder Loubie is such a sweetheart! 

Louboutina The Hugging Dog

Say what you may about New York City. I don’t know about your city, but I am pretty sure you don’t have a dog that gives out random hugs! People don’t have time to stop and be polite in the city? On the contrary, they even have time for hugs! 

18 thoughts on “Louboutina The Hugging Dog”

  1. Awe so cute! Such a beautiful dog! This is great and can put a smile of happiness on just anyone’s face. I’ve never been to NYC but I’ve heard it’s an amazing beautiful city!

    1. Kristina she is so beautiful! Such a sweet welcome to a beautiful city! If ever you have the opportunity to go to New York you will love it. There is no better city.

  2. Aww what a sweetie pie! That’s so cool that you made time to meet Loubie on your trip. My dog tries to hug me, but it’s really more like jumping on my face. No bueno.

    1. Ha Melanie! My dog is in line with yours! Plus he is super sweet to me, but at times bites others. I don’t think he will be the next Loubie! 😉

  3. OMG OMG! I saw the video of this cute dog on facebook recently! I would LOVE to give this doggie a hug! So cool that you actually got to!

  4. Oh my god this is just too cute! I love the story and how helpful this little beauty can be! Pets are so important and as someone who grew up surrounded by them on a farm and then moved to a big city where I had no pets anywhere near me I properly felt the difference. And then I got two hugging cats to make up for it:) xx

  5. I love NYC! It’s the best place to live, I’m biased because I really love it there and I miss it everyday. I would love to meet Louboutina someday!

  6. I have never met Louboutina! I would love to though. It’s not true that NYC’s crowd is rude, on the contrary people smile often and greet you as well. I think in every place there will always be not so friendly people no matter where you are in the world.

  7. How adorable! What a beautiful dog. I have a dog that is just like this, his name is Ace and he seriously loves everyone.

  8. Omgosh she is absolutely precious! I am a proud fur mom of two amazing dogs and I wish they are as sweet as Louboutina! She looks absolutely sweet.

  9. Omg what a cute furbaby!!! And I’m loving the name. Super creative. Love that the dog was super friendly as well!!!

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