Greetings Doll!

Ever stand in the greeting card section of your local store desperately trying to to find the perfect card? Not easy is it? If you are like me I usually just end up settling for an ok one just to get out of the store! For this exact reason, the greeting card company featured today was created! 

After having a hard time finding unique card options Angel was inspired to create something different. From this, Ex-Girlfriends Rebellion Cards was born. Angel was on a quest to make fun greeting cards that are less throw away after you read them and more keep on your fridge for a good laugh! The cards on this fun Etsy shop are inspired by pop culture celebs like Oprah and Justin Bieber among many others. No doubt here on Channelling Dolly the Happy Birthday Doll card would be our favorite! 

Greetings Doll!

All the Details:

Ex-Girlfriends Rebellion Cards are handmade in Australia and ship worldwide. All artwork are original digital illustrations. The Happy Birthday Doll card is blank on the inside for you to customize your greeting! All cards are made of 100% recycled eco-friendly cardstock.

For more information check out Ex-Girlfriends Rebellion Cards shop here

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