Stateline Designs

There are several reasons that I love supporting local businesses. One is that it is amazing to see people live out their dream of doing their own thing. Hearing their stories about how they started small and were able to ditch corporate America is so empowering. It is also refreshing to find products that are unique and well made. In this week’s addition of Let Me Introduce You To, I would like you to meet Stateline Designs! 

Stateline Designs

Thanks to social media I had known of Stateline Designs for months before finally meeting owner Ellyse Espinoza at the Flea Style event in Houston this past weekend. Their glittery Texas tee’s had me the first time I saw them sparkle! Not only do the tee’s sparkle, but so does Ellyse! Hearing her story about starting up Stateline Designs while being a single mom working a full-time job was so inspirational. Along with her best friend, Ellyse started up the tee company on Etsy hoping that it would take off. And take off it did! To the point that Ellyse was able to quit her job to focus solely on Stateline as well as moving the shop into this snazzy mobile boutique! That’s right people! Girl power at work! Stateline Designs

Designs focus on all things Texas with an emphasis on Houston. Several Texas natives such as George Strait, Selena, and JJ Watt are featured on items. Whether you are just visiting and want to take home something more than your average souvenir, or are a native Texan that knows our state truly looks cooler than any other, there is something to be found at Stateline. Stateline Designs

Who could go home without making that glittery Texas tee a part of their wardrobe? I have no idea who! I know she is not me as that awesome thing is now in my closet! 

Stateline Designs

For more info about Stateline Designs check out their website here! There you can not only purchase the items seen here, but you can also see where their mobile boutique will be hanging out next! 

28 thoughts on “Stateline Designs”

  1. Love that you are also all about supporting local. I am all about it. And I hope that more people join us in this. Time to be more mindful about where we are spending out money!

  2. Cute boutique! I wish we had a cute little store like this! I love unique store that have things like this. So unique!

  3. It is great to support a small business with style and that is so unique. It makes me want to come from Texas or at least support Stateline designs which are quite great Tees.

  4. I love shopping local! It’s the best way to give back to my community. Though normally I stick to farmers markets, this shop looks adorable! Makes me want to seek out similar in my area!

  5. I love supporting local when I can, which is most of the time! Stateline looks really neat! Love all the shirts!

  6. What cute stuff! I totally agree with you, supporting local business is so crucial especially in this age of online shopping. Thanks for showcasing that idea!!

  7. I love supporting local businesses as well. There are so many talented people that deserve more attention than huge companies. This brand sounds amazing! I love their designs!

  8. This is the cutest store!! I love all the products. I work at a local business, I agree, so important to support!

  9. Love the designs. Texas is the only other state besides my own that people where their state symbol often. I am in South Carolina and we all wear lots of Palmetto moon emblems.

  10. Very cute!! I love stylish t-shirts because I always want something that’s going to be a bit more glam!! The gold glittery designs are so cute!

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