4th of July Party Planning

4th of July Party PlanningThere is not a day of the year that I adore more than the 4th of July! The red, white and blue, fireworks and great food all draw me in. It is the perfect day for a party! And the best part is with a little creativity a 4th of July party really comes together on a budget! Let me show you my favorite tips for 4th of July party planning! 

4th of July Party Planning

Create a space for guests to see the festivities when they first arrive. I love to change up the decorations every year,  while still using the same things in different spots. Above pinwheels were used to create a focal point. These were purchased from Dollar Tree and Party City. Don’t be afraid to purchase inexpensive decor! When used with other items they can look great!  

Another option was created using rows of metallic fringe. Layer red, silver and blue to create a patriotic feel. Also to protect the surface of the chest glitter wrapping paper was cut to fit the top.  

4th of July Party Planning

A burlap garland is an easy craft that can be done to add to the party decor. Cut out a flag pattern out of paper and use that as a guide to cut burlap flags. Then draw a star pattern or print out one from online. Use that to paint on stars with either acrylic paint or fabric paint, either will work. Once dry sew onto rope and you have a fun garland to hang either indoors or outside along a fence, etc. 

4th of July Party Planning

Below is an example of reusing decorations in other spaces. The pinwheels from the entry were used another year as decor in the breakfast nook. Inexpensive Dollar Tree placemats work perfectly for once a year use. The fireworks make a great centerpiece and I will also detail next how to make the small ones! 

4th of July Party Planning

4th of July Party Planning

The larger fireworks were purchased from Pier 1, but alone they were not substantial enough to fill as a centerpiece. For this reason, smaller fireworks worked perfectly. 

To create the smaller fireworks start with styrofoam balls. The size can be varied depending on the desired outcome of the fireworks. Next, paint Mod Podge onto them using a foam brush and sprinkle glitter on. Allow to dry. While the styrofoam is drying get some toothpicks and spray paint them red, white and blue to correspond to the styrofoam balls. A great tip is to place the toothpicks in a shoe box while spray painting so they can be rolled around to get all the sides evenly painted. Once everything is dry poke the toothpicks into the styrofoam balls to achieve the firework look! 

4th of July Party Planning

Party decor can be created using things around the house as well! For this centerpiece below, a mirror and lantern that I already had were paired with a 4th of July cutout, star confetti and star votive holders from Dollar Tree for a fun look! 

4th of July Party Planning

4th of July Party PlanningFor a party-ready mantle pull together red, white and blue items you may already have in your home. Add in a star garland or USA sign to tie in the theme. The birdhouses above I found at a thrift store and the USA letters I painted from cutouts purchased at Wal-Mart. Below the eagle was found at Pier 1 and apothecary jars were filled with water and food coloring. As you can see party decor can come together from many different places!

4th of July Party Planning 4th of July Party Planning

When planning a 4th of July party food, of course, is a big part! While my husband enjoys fixing the burgers and hotdogs I prefer the items that I can theme to the occasion. The strawberry, marshmallow and blueberry skewers are one example of theming! 

And though it may not be red, white or blue, chocolate goes for any occasion. The Wilton Chocolate Melting Pot is always a crowd pleaser. A tray and some glass containers from Dollar Tree are used above to separate all the options for dipping and skewer sticks are contained in a vase for easy use. 

4th of July Party Planning

Mini cheesecakes, blue velvet cupcakes and star plates also go with the patriotic decor. 

4th of July Party Planning

To make this boring glass deviled egg tray more patriotic a patterned plate was placed under it. An Uncle Sam cookie cutter was used for the centerpiece. 
4th of July Party Planning

Tiny flags and paper drinking straws make perfect decor for 4th of July cupcakes! 

4th of July Party Planning

When planning a 4th of July party don’t forget to get your outside space in the spirit too. Since the holiday is in the summer it is the perfect opportunity for an indoor/outdoor party which also adds additional party space! 

4th of July Party Planning

For my 4th of July get-together’s I add a tent next to my patio for those who wish to be in the shade. The red and blue chairs are a bright pop from the 9 by Novogratz collection via Walmart.com. 

4th of July Party Planning

One of my absolute favorite ideas that I have ever found from Pinterest are these yard stars. Use a poster board to cut out a star pattern and lay it on the ground. Spray paint red, white and blue stars and voila!

4th of July Party Planning

Additional 4th of July Party Planning Tips:
  • In this day and age of social media, everyone loves a fun photo op! Purchase boas, hats, and props so guests can take photos to remember your event for years to come! 
  • Be sure to check out sales after the holiday to help keep your parties on a budget! Most stores have at least 50% off the day after and this is how I have purchased much of my holiday decor for every season.
  • Decorate a couple of days before and prep any food you can the night before. Leave yourself enough time to enjoy the day with your friends and family! 
  • Have fun! Dress in the theme! Just be ridiculously over the top! No judgment here! 

What are your favorite 4th of July Party Planning Tips?

35 thoughts on “4th of July Party Planning”

  1. These are the BOMB! I love the decor especially the fireworks. There are plenty of ideas to get here! The details are just pure awesome, it’s the kind of party where you want to be part of.

  2. I love all your party decor!! I moved to the states a year and a half ago and have yet to go to any 4th of July parties. I find it very strange that it’s not a big public even and more of a private friends thing!

    1. Thank you so much Angela! I think it more depends on where you are at. Like here in Houston there is a huge fireworks display by downtown that is a big deal every year, yet some cities hardly celebrate at all!

    1. Thank you so much Brandi! When I had my apartment before I could fit very few people so I completely understand!

  3. I’m really loving this theme. I think you did a great job with all of the decorations. They look great!

    1. Terri it sure is! I just purchased an inflatable Uncle Sam so I am really excited to be adding him into the decorations!

    1. Thank you so much Charlotte! Those stars on the grass are the things everyone always love the most when they come over. So simple to do too!

  4. You look like you are ready to enjoy the 4th! I love the circle decorations from the Dollar Tree. Maybe I will have to make a stop there!

  5. Super cute red, white and blue party ideas! I love all your decorations. I really need to start planning something for our fourth of July celebration. Thanks for the inspiration

  6. I love the 4th of July too! It’s so much fun to decorate for – you have awesome ideas and style. I hope you have a great party this year!

  7. My favorite tip is to set the mood from the beginning. 4th of July is such a festive holiday. I love all the red white and blue decor, it’s so much fun and really gets you in the mood to celebrate.

    1. Thank you Cindy! It is so festive and low key at the same time! I love Christmas too but I feel it is much more work!

  8. You are SO festive! What a unique idea to do the styrofoam balls as fireworks. My daughter was looking over my shoulder and said…”oooh, we should make those!”

    1. Ali thank you! So glad your daughter liked them as well! They are such a fun craft and don’t take long to make at all!

  9. I love the foam balls! What an easy craft to recreate for an awesome centerpiece. Fourth of July is such a fun holiday to host parties!

  10. Great 4th of July, and in our case birthday party, ideas!! We usually have a big 4th of July celebration every year, but not so much because of Independence day as because one of my daughters has a birthday that day. When she was little, I used worry that she would get tired red, white, and blue birthdays. so I tried to change things up every year. We had princess parties and horse parties, all with red, pink, and yellow (her favorite colors); just about anything but red, white, and blue. Now that she’s older though, She’s gone back to the traditional red, white, blue theme. Which is made things much easier.

  11. Great ideas for the 4th of July!!! I think you did an amazing job with the decorations and the food and I’m definitely picking up some of these ideas for our celebration.

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