Dolly, You Are Radiant

Anyone who is a fan of Dolly Parton knows that she is beautiful and talented. Let’s face it, Dolly, you are radiant! But did you know that with the help of Kitsch Culture Dolly can literally light your way with her radiant beauty? Well, she can! 

Kitsch Culture‘s owner Devon Poole has developed a process of casting image transparencies into epoxy resin to create POP Lites:

Dolly, You Are Radiant

The process of creating POP Lites results in a stunning image behind a glass like surface. These decorative night lights look beautiful lit, yet still do not lose their luster when turned off.

Dolly, You Are Radiant

All of the Details:

While POP Lites are created in Toronto, Canada they are available to ship worldwide! Should you prefer a different pop culture icon in addition to Dolly reach out to Devon via the Kitsch Culture link. Notice I say in addition to Dolly as why would you prefer another icon instead!  😉 I digress, reach out to Devon as he is open to creating custom pieces! The shop also features POP Lites from some of my other personal favorites growing up: Jem and the Holograms, Wonder Woman and rest his beautiful soul Prince.

Check out Kitsch Culture as I am sure you will find some of your other personal favorites as well! 

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