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Consider Me a New Fan…LuLaRoe

I love being introduced to brands that I have not before tried. In this case, LuLaRoe was a company that I heard of but knew very little about.  Recently my friend Tara joined the LuLaRoe movement and became one of their fashion retailers. She invited me to try out the products and do a review for the Channelling Dolly readers. Here are my two cents (hint..you can consider me a new fan LuLaRoe):

 Consider Me a New Fan...LuLaRoe

My very first impression was how soft the fabric was. The LuLaRoe tagline is “Where fashion meets comfort” and I truly found that to be true. I was really impressed with the quality. I could see their pieces being perfect for travel because after wearing the top above all day there was no wrinkling whatsoever. 

Consider Me a New Fan...LuLaRoe

My name is Heather and I am a sucker for a cute retro print. I love that the style and color of this top would have fit as perfectly in the 70’s as it does now. One cool thing about LuLaRoe is that each print is produced in runs as limited as 2,500 pieces which will make it unhighly likely that many will have the exact same item as you have. LuLaRoe can not be purchased at a department store or boutique and are sold solely by their independent consultants, like brands such as Mary Kay.  Continue reading Consider Me a New Fan…LuLaRoe