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Fun Friday with the Founder of Sprinkles

To say that I have an obsession with Sprinkles cupcakes is an understatement. I know exactly which days to go for my favorite flavors, as the menu changes daily. When in a new city if there is a Sprinkles I make a pilgrimage there to enhance my trip with their yummy goodness. You all get the point! When I read online that Sprinkles founder Candace Nelson was going to be at our local location I had to go and meet her to say thank you! 

sprinkles baking book

Candace was in Houston to sign copies of The Sprinkles Baking Book.  The book features some of the regular menu items as well as seasonal cupcakes, cookies, cakes, pies and more. My personal favorite orange cranberry cupcake is included as well and will now be part of my Thanksgiving baking!  Continue reading Fun Friday with the Founder of Sprinkles

It’s Official…

It's Fall Y'a;

On Labor Day I noticed posts all over social media mourning the end of summer. At the time I thought that those sillies didn’t realize they had more sunny days ahead. Well, today it really IS official. Summer 2016 has gone and fall has arrived. 

While I love beach umbrellas, daylight until 8 pm and cookouts as much as the next person there are some things that make me look forward to the change in season every year: Continue reading It’s Official…