So Last Week This Happened….

If you follow Channelling Dolly on social media, then you already know what happened last week. If not, why aren’t you following Channelling Dolly on social media? Just kidding! But if you are so inclined just click over to your right here. —->

I am so late on posting this here. Before Halloween, the Dolly Parton Twitter page requested photos of people dressed like Dolly.  I had my photos handy as I had just completed this post about dressing like Dolly for Halloween! I sent my picture in with high hopes, yet my feet firmly planted on the ground that it would be me chosen. However, firmly planted on the ground my feet were not when I saw this on Facebook: 



In fact, I jumped and jumped and jumped from excitement! My photo was one of the ones chosen to be featured on the Facebook page of Dolly!!! I still can not believe it! That made my Halloween. Heck, it made my month and in fact, is seeping into my November as well! 

I had to share my exciting Dolly news on here with you all. What celebrity would make you excited for an encounter? 

3 thoughts on “So Last Week This Happened….”

  1. Dear Mrs. Dolly Pardon, how are you? I just adore your sweetness, it’s contagious. I have adored you since way back when. I would love to cut the rug with ya, Sugar ‘ I am a Somewhere Over The Rainbow kind of a lady, I believe if I could find a way to your haven, I could work hard to make my dreams come true. I’d like to attend Butler & Etiquette School, and specialize in professional mannerism. I have become a sitting duck for too long, and I am not giving up on my dreams. I must work on my album this year, and began to write my books. I am a traveler, and I want to learn to give to myself. I am worst that The Little Red Hen” Sugar,I must get my sweetness back” They used to call me Candy” It’s so sad 😢 that alot of people just as well to lock the door, and throw away the key, than to ❤ you. I am ready to live again, The storm is over. Thanks for making my night” See ya when I can, Bye Now”

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