Spring Whimsy…Create Your Own Bunny Artwork

I am that person who loves to go all out decorating for every single holiday! Unfortunately though buying so many decorations can be hard on your budget. Now that it is time to decorate for Easter I wanted to create my own artwork for my mantel. With just a little money and a couple of hours of work, I love the way it came together! 

Spring Whimsy

First I needed some inspiration for my bunny. I knew I didn’t want a traditional one so I googled bunnies online. I saw one similar to this and free hand sketched it onto my canvas. If drawing isn’t your friend you can also print out a bunny and trace it onto your canvas. 

*Sidenote-Get the Michael’s app and buy your canvases when they have a coupon for them! I was able to purchase this one for under $10 which greatly lowered the total cost of my project!

Spring Whimsy

Next, I got my turquoise paint and brushes ready. 

Spring Whimsy

When doing these projects I love to work on disposable plates because it makes the clean up so much faster. I painted the area around the bunny turquoise and then painted the bunny white. 

Spring Whimsy

After the paint was dry I prepped my doilies by cutting them in half. These I found at Dollar Tree during Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t started hitting up Dollar Tree for crafting supplies you should! There are some great finds! 

Spring Whimsy

I found these assorted gems at Dollar Tree as well. For a touch of whimsy, these work perfectly! 

Spring Whimsy

Mod Podge was my glue of choice for this project as I did not want to hot glue every single gem on. Hot glue hates me and it is likely I would have lost a finger…or five! 

Spring Whimsy

I prefer the foam brushes when using Mod Podge. I find it goes on better than a traditional paint brush. 

Spring Whimsy

After laying down the doilies and gems in the pattern I desired it was time to glue everything down. The Mod Podge I used had a gloss finish. To create a different look for the bunny I didn’t place the glue on top of it so that it would have a matte finish. I applied the glue over the remainder of the piece, though, with the exception of the bunny so that everything else would be glossy. 
Spring Whimsy

And the finished result! I am so excited to hang it and decorate the rest of my mantle with bunnies! 

What is your favorite way to create one of a kind pieces for your home? 

18 thoughts on “Spring Whimsy…Create Your Own Bunny Artwork”

  1. Oh how fun. This looks so adorable. I would love to try this out with my kiddos. They love creating their own art work!

    1. Thank Jeanine! I am so glad you like it! If you do make sure you share a pic! I would love to see their work!!!

    1. It was really easy Theresa! Just took a little time, but besides that it came together very easily! Thank you!

  2. That’s a good idea to get the app for Michaels – I shop there often and I don’t have it on my phone yet. Your artwork came out so cute. I love using sparkling gems in projects.

  3. Very beautiful crafts you have here Lady I love them all, trying to keep up with you is tuff. ♡♡♡ I am a basket weaver and love to change things up a bit ! I would like to show you one of my baskets but there is no place to excess my photos from here ??? Well happy crafting ♡♡♡ keep sharing Thank you

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