The Most Important Lessons in Life I Learned from my 12- Pound Pup

The Most Important Lessons in Life I Learned from my 12 Pound Pup

I have been missing from Channelling Dolly for a few months. Ironically the last post up was entitled “Find Joy Where You Are”. Then all hell broke loose. One of the most important things in my world was tragically lost and honestly finding joy anywhere since my precious Barkley first got sick in August has been extremely difficult. October 10th was the last day I was able to kiss his pretty face and it has taken me to now to muster up the strength to tell our story and the most important lessons in life I learned from my 12-pound pup. As hard as it is to write this our love story of a puppy, mama and papa deserve it. Though it is not the usual happy, sparkly content I enjoy here on Channelling Dolly it is life. And sometimes the sparkly times fade. 

My husband and I never had children, well a human one that is. We were married for five years and then in 2004 Barkley came into our lives. I had been dealing with some medical issues and had become very depressed while switching doctors trying to find a correct diagnoses for an entire year. At this point I convinced my husband Gabriel that a fur child was the one thing that would help me. And boy did it help! On August 8, 2004 after searching pet adoption agencies for two days I saw the most spectacular ears I have ever seen peeking out of a cage at the SPCA in Houston. At that moment we knew our family was complete. Barkley would be our child.

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Find Joy Where You Are

Often times we get so wrapped up in our day-to-day activities that it is easy to overlook the little things. We take for granted things that are right in front of our face because we are rushing about in a constant stressed out state. Feeling that we can only relax when we are on vacation or somewhere other than where we currently are. We can be happier if we lost ten pounds or were a few years younger. Enough of that nonsense! Why not find joy where you are? 

Find Joy Where You AreRecently a friend and I tasked each other with finding new places to see in our city of Houston. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut! I have decided to take it to another level and push myself to be more creative in finding new spaces as well as trying new things fashion wise. I don’t know about you but I find so much joy in colorful places and clothing. In order to keep this promise to myself to live outside of my box and hopefully to inspire you to do the same “Find Joy Where You Are” will now be a weekly feature on Channelling Dolly!  Continue reading Find Joy Where You Are

Houston’s Most Instagram Worthy Hotspots

Houston’s Most Instagram Worthy Hotspots

The number one question that I get on the Channelling Dolly Facebook and Instagram pages is where do I take my photos. Houston is such a vast city with so many great locations for photography. Like any other large city Houston is also constantly changing so there is always a new favorite place on the horizon.  Below you will find a list of Houston’s most Instagram worthy hotspots!  Continue reading Houston’s Most Instagram Worthy Hotspots

Accessorize with Dolly

You all know that we love a good Dolly gift around here! Whether that gift be for someone else or for yourself an awesome Dolly find makes a great present for any occasion. This week on Yes Please! you are in for a treat from Steph Barnes wearables & interiors via Etsy

Dolly Parton earrings


Show your love of Dolly with these super cute Dolly earrings! Such a fun accessory that is certain to be a conversation starter! For more info check out Steph Barnes wearables and interiors here.

DIY Glitter Wall Art

DIY Glitter Wall Art

Art is such a great way to give each room in your home that special pop. The only downfall is that it can be so expensive. Fortunately, with some creativity, it is very easy to create custom pieces to adorn your walls. At a loss for how to start? Check out this DIY Glitter Wall Art that I was able to complete in a few hours! It makes my entire room sparkle!  Continue reading DIY Glitter Wall Art

Let Dolly Give you a Hand

Let Dolly Give you a Hand

 Looking for a way to up your nail game? Let Dolly give you a hand! Thanks to Jane’s Tiny Things Dolly can do just that with these fun nail decals!

Not a professional nail tech? There is no need to worry about that! The Queen of Country Handpainted Dolly Parton Nail Decals are  easy to apply. They are activated with plain water just like a temporary tattoo. Still doubting your inner nail tech? Jane’s Tiny Things has you covered there too! Each package comes with full instructions for application. 

Let Dolly Give you a Hand

All of the Details 

Each package of the Queen of Country Handpainted Dolly Parton Nail Decals comes with four of Dolly’s iconic looks, plus one of her trusty wigs, “Jolene,” “9 to 5,” and “Dolly.”
67 full color decals in two different sizes. Currently priced at $9 plus shipping and handling these are perfect to buy for all of those Dolly fans in your life! 

Check out Jane’s  Things on Etsy for more info!  

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Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

The island of Galveston lies alongside the Gulf of Mexico 50 miles southeast of Houston, Texas. Not only is it a popular location for locals, but its’ beachside community and cruise ship terminal make it a tourist destination for over 6 million visitors per year. When in Galveston one can’t help but notice the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier at 25th Street and Seawall Blvd. Jutting out over the water the pier provides an atmosphere of nostalgia for the modern-day amusement park goer.  Continue reading Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

CSI Wall Panels

Today’s post is a guest post from CSI Wall Panels. See how they can bring innovative designs to your space. 

 Looking For Wall Panels for Washrooms? Read On

We often end up spending quite a bit of time in the washroom. Many people find the washroom to be the most inspiring space. It is in this space that they get their best and most creative ideas. Having a beautifully decorated washroom is essential. However, the washroom is the last space where you want to end up spending large sums of money for the décor. With the help of the wall panels, you can have the perfect and most creatively decorated washroom at an unbelievably affordable price. Here’s everything you need to know about the wall panels for the washroom.

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