Tips for Making Unique Ribbon Wreaths

Tips for Making Unique Ribbon Wreaths


Those of you that have checked out Channelling Dolly in the past know that I love to craft. Making wreaths is a favorite pastime and tips to create them from scratch can be found here and here. Once you get the basics down it is time to have fun and get creative with your project. For the extra pizzazz to make your wreaths pop here are some tips for making unique ribbon wreaths.  Continue reading Tips for Making Unique Ribbon Wreaths

Rejuvenate your Skin with the Perfect Cocktail

Having a good skincare routine is so important. Aging is inevitable but by taking proper steps to stay ahead of Father Time one can look younger much longer. I would never lie and tell any of you that I am the poster child of healthy eating and getting my proper nutrients. I am obsessed with sugar far more than broccoli. However, one thing that I have never skimped on is skincare products. The right lotions and potions can make such a huge difference in your skin. My latest find is Jan Marini’s C-ESTA Serum.  Rejuvenate your skin with the perfect cocktail! 

Rejuvenate your Skin with the Perfect Cocktail Continue reading Rejuvenate your Skin with the Perfect Cocktail

Dog-Friendly Austin

If you own a dog chances are they become a huge part of your family. And what is better than a fun family vacation? If your pup is in the room with you don’t pass on this next statement. Not all cities are dog-friendly! Oh, the horror! Here at Channelling Dolly, we won’t focus on those places though! Allow me to introduce you to dog-friendly Austin. 

Dog-Friendly Austin

I have written about Austin several times on Channelling Dolly, here and here. One of the million reasons that I keep running back to this glorious Texas city as often as possible is that it is so easy for me to take Barkley there. Here are some of our favorite places to hit up while in the city! 

*Note the pep talk in the photo above. Thou shall not bite anyone while in a public place because if you are ugly on the inside you look ugly on the outside! 😉 

South Congress Avenue

Dog-Friendly Austin

If one area embodies the feel of quintessential Austin more than any other it would have to be South Congress Avenue. The shops are quirky. The people are refreshingly open and friendly and the entire area is very welcoming to dogs and their humans. Most of the shops allow your dogs inside and many of the restaurants have outdoor seating areas that are open to your furry children. Several people even offered Barkley water which was very sweet considering the day was extremely hot. 

*Channelling Dolly top choice for dining with your pet on South Congress is Home Slice! This pizza rivals that of NYC and the staff is top notch! Continue reading Dog-Friendly Austin

Channelling Dolly the Shop is Expanding!

As I strive to make Channelling Dolly something to make you all smile more things are coming to light! There will be some exciting additions to the blog and to Channelling Dolly the Etsy shop. As the end of the first year of this labor of love draws closer and a new year of Channelling Dolly begins next month I can’t wait to share more with all of you! 

While I obviously love Dolly, I am very passionate about interior design as well. While earning a degree in design it was so important to see how the things that we fill our home with can help to change our moods. To this point, bold colors, whimsical prints and eclectic patterns draw my eye and lift my spirits. For this reason, you will begin to see much of this in Channelling Dolly the Etsy shop. 
Channelling Dolly the Shop is Expanding!

While there are many more designs in the works. First up in the home decor arena is the glitter dinosaur wreath!  Sure dinosaurs are perfect on their own. However, when they are all decked out like a disco ball…simply amazing! 
Channelling Dolly the Shop is Expanding! Channelling Dolly the Shop is Expanding! Now I am sure that while disco dinosaurs appeal to many, they may not be your particular cup of tea. So, in that case, make sure to check back often. New designs will be coming on a regular basis! Channelling Dolly the Shop is Expanding!

All the details:

For this and more designs please check out ChannellingDolly the Etsy shop! And if you have any ideas on what you would like to see in the shop feel free to email me. Link found above in the contact section! 

Thank you all for the continued support! 

Apartment Features Dolly Parton Would Love

Today I would like to give a warm welcome to Channelling Dolly’s very first guest blogger Dia Darling! You will find more info about Dia after the Dolly inpsired post “Apartment Features Dolly Would Love”  that she has written to share with you all! 

Dolly Parton shares a beautiful home with her husband Carl Dean in Brentwood, Tennessee, but what if she decided to trade in her mansion for an apartment? It’s a funny thought to imagine the Pop Country diva downsizing from the Brentwood Mansion. Would she opt for one room or two? Would her fabulous and distinctive wardrobe need a place of its own? Here are five apartment amenities we know Dolly would want her new apartment home to have.

Apartment Features Dolly Parton Would Love
Photo via Flickr user Condos CCSCA 

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