How to DIY Christmas Yard Cutouts

Christmas is such a fun time to create a festive atmosphere around your home! My goodness though it can be expensive to be so jolly! However, if you put in a little imagination and some time you can save money by making your own decorations! Allow me to show you how to DIY Christmas yard cutouts! 

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The Brightest Star

Can you believe that ’tis the season to start putting our Christmas trees up? I for one can not, but speaking of putting up our trees do I have a find for you today! Many of the regular Channelling Dolly readers will remember the feature on Kitsch Culture and their POP Lites. Well just in time for the holiday season they have bestowed upon us the brightest star to place atop our tree in the form of our brightest star-Dolly!! 

The Brightest Star

All of the Details: 

The Dolly Parton Light-up Tree Topper is made by Devon of Kitsch Culture. He uses a technique that he created of embedding image transparencies in epoxy resin. The tree topper is battery powered to allow Dolly to shine as she is meant to! Pink glitter tinsel is added around the edge to give it that final touch of sparkle!

While this star would make your tree fun and unique it would also make a great gift for any other Dolly fans you may have on your Christmas list! For more info please check out the link to Kitsch Culture here

When Things Get Messy with Your Fur Babies

Do you have a fur baby in your home? Sure they are adorable! And there is nothing like a sweet pup excitedly wagging their tail when you come home after a long day. But let’s be real! Things are not always so cutesy! Sometimes they can get downright messy! When things get messy with your fur babies not to worry! 

Whether your fur kids are puppies getting potty trained or ageing dogs you may find yourself having to clean up the occasional accident. Or if your dog has a medical issue things could be much worse than a small tinkle. 

Several years ago my Barkley was diagnosed with diabetes. I found out something was wrong when upon returning home from work there were puddles all over the house. Fast forward a few years and his diabetes is controlled by insulin and a very specific diet. However, there is still an issue with accidents. At least several times a month he will pee in his sleep. This can lead to loads and loads of laundering doggie beds and blankets. Now though thanks to Pet Magasin’s dog diapers accidents will be a thing of the past! When Things Get Messy with Your Fur Babies

Pet Magasin, a small company that specializes in all of your pet’s needs, has developed a line of diapers. The highly absorbent material has a waterproof layer to prevent leaks which could cause damage to your furniture or rugs. And while all of those things are helpful can we talk for a moment about how adorable these things are?! The pack of three came in a flamingo, cactus and duck print!  Continue reading When Things Get Messy with Your Fur Babies